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  1. I value the 3 combined stock more. Noel carved out that 20 min role and if Adams gets hurt/traded, his value skyrockets. Of the 3, I'd prob drop prince.
  2. I would start Winston. He has an easier path to success. Cam potentially will be limited on designed plays and RAM with Talib is pretty stout overall defense.
  3. I would go with Pettis. He has upside without the need of an injury.
  4. I would go Nuk because your RBs are solid. No point in risking the holdout.
  5. easy accept. Tevin Coleman is a solid flex but he's splitting with Breida. I would try to flip Bell for a better WR though.
  6. I don't think you really need Hooper with HH.
  7. Your team hinges on your RBs. LF isn't a pillar of health, so if he goes down, you have to rely on Derrick Henry, who is currently injured. Otherwise, your team is pretty solid.