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  1. Congrats @predator_05! Great season. Next year, my rebuild kicks into contender! Ya'll better watch out! 🤣
  2. Recent reports say mattison isnt expected to play, although ekeler is a pretty safe choice. I'd probably go with him.
  3. .5 ppr Chubb vs BAL Kamara vs TEN Boone vs GB Sanders vs DAL My original fade here was kamara...I'd hate to watch him go off on my bench tho. 2nd fade was Sanders..feels like chasing points. What say you? Drop a link.
  4. Anyone worried about Kyler this weekend? Had a stretch of tough matchups but the floor is feeling awfully low lately. Other options: Trub vs GB Lock vs KC Minshew vs HOU Rivers vs MIN Favoring kyler ATM, but curious if any strong opinions otherwise. Thanks, drop a link.
  5. Trending in the right direction, at least. If he plays for the raiders, he plays for my fantasy squad. Not even second guessing it.
  6. I think to me personally, if the raiders feel confident and put him out there you have to feel decent about his ability to stay in the game. Always a risk - but options could be limited at this point.
  7. I'm wondering if the shut down talk is a little bit premature, although the rod smith signing is interesting. Oakland has yet to be truly eliminated from the playoffs, and Gruden doesnt sound like someone who's ready to pack it in. Jacobs also sounded really close last week. He took a pain shot in order to play and was crushed when they decided against it. All in all, he seems like someone who wants to push to play and I'm not sure why the raiders wouldn't have shut him down already if the plan was to do so. Maybe playing a bit of devils advocate here, but just some thoughts to ponder from the other side of things.
  8. What? Really? The nfl draft order is determined by playoff finish, why wouldnt fantasy? Literally every league I'm in is done that way. I must have missed this last year but its definatley not the norm. But if that's what it is, then that's what it is. I just dont think a 6th seed SB winner should still get 7th pick.
  9. Wouldnt the final 6 spots still have to be determined by how the playoffs shake out?
  10. I remembered this from the draft still, and while they weren't top 24 scorers at wr yet, I'd have to say we hit two pretty decent ones with preston and harmon!
  11. I've been leaning Sanders, but if I felt super confident in either I wouldnt be here lol. That matchup vs the leagues worst run defense is tempting. But I do fear smallwood will still be the 3rd down guy and AP still going to get his. Honestly not sure.
  12. Sounds like kittle is less then 100%. With the lack of options in philly today, goedert could get alot of run. Think I'm going there.
  13. Has to be dede and Washington i guess. Snell is a sneaky upside play but carries a ton of risk. Not touching ballage
  14. Agree with above. Cohen's got lucky with some TDs but I dont trust it in my lineups.