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  1. I'd go Higgins, Hilton, Edelman here. I agree that Deebo still doesn't look 100% and neither is Jimmy G. Kirk has as lot of competition and Murray pulls it down of Hopkins is covered Help?
  2. Yeah I agree that it's a wash. I traded for Cam week 1 and I instantly regretted it lol. Maybe look to buy low on Lamar. Herbert looked good if he's on waivers. Here?
  3. Not a chance. CMC is close to returning, you waiting this long don't sell now. Evans is an upgrade but I'd be surprised if MGIIII and Henderson outscore CMC the rest of the way. Help?
  4. Bump. Think I can land Kenny G for Hunt. Or should I shoot for someone like Thielen, Cooper, Diggs, Evans? My only WRs are now ARob II, Juju, Deebo Leave a link
  5. Depends on your needs, But any trade where you get Kittle is one I want a part of. ARob II is a target monster too, just not thrilled with DJ. Again, depends on your roster. Here?
  6. Yeah I'm in agreement with the move for Julio. Injuries have plagued him pretty bad this year... But he's still one of the best in the league. I feel like you wouldn't even start Parker right now, so why not stash Julio in hopes that gets healthy. Might be a few weeks until you can start him but you have the depth. Help?
  7. 100% Fuller is looking ok but still has the risk of dropping a dud. Gibson appears to be getting the reins taken off and is getting all kinds of touches and targets. Help?
  8. 8 team 0.5 PPR Thanks to y'all I've just about locked up a trade to acquire Kelce and Mostert for Chubb and Boyd. I've since been shopping Hunt for another WR. Would Kenny G be enough for Hunt or should I shoot higher? My WRs are: ARob II, Juju, Boyd, Deebo RBs: Cook, Chubb, Hunt, CEH, McKinnon, Harris, Hines I tried Tyreek for Hunt but no dice. Who would you sell for Hunt? Thanks and leave a link!
  9. I dunno. The DEN backfield will be split when Lindsey comes back. I know McKinnon is in the same situation with Mostert close to returning but I trust the Shanahan system more. Maybe try to move Gurley?
  10. John Ross is an excellent comparison. Bad Hamstrings on speedsters.. no bueno. I like his skill set but Gage is in a better situation. Thanks with mine
  11. Maybe Mixon for Diggs n Robby. You would have to add a complementary piece. Say, a TE if they need one. Thanks with mine
  12. Keenan is on the block of the Kelce owner, Ridley won't trade, and I turned down Fant & Parker for CEH
  13. No way. Sure COVID is running through TEN right now but you could get more for those backs. Hold. Here?
  14. You need a win this week, and McLaurin and Lamb are dope. I think it's too much for Jones. Good luck this weekend Here?
  15. I'm about to drop TY in my 8 team league and I'm hurting at WR. Sure he might boom, but I just don't see it. Reich wants coming WRs on the field and Hilton can't do that. Help?