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  1. 8 team league. On mobile and can't see my sig but pretty sure it's from last year so please ignore. Brown was just dropped and I have 125/300 remaining. Yes, i know $300 is a stupid amount, changes coming next year. How much should I spend on Smokey? The Bills are lighting it up and I don't see them slowing down. I was thinking at 30-50$. Thoughts? Leave a link.
  2. Tough call between Sutton and Samuel, both similar situations but I would roll with Samuel. I feel like he's gonna keep his TD streak coming against division rivals.
  3. Meh. I just don't trust any of the TB RBs. I know Hill may only be a rental but there's a chance Freeman could get shutdown or have a setback. Lockett seems to have avoided serious injury, however, as was mentioned if you're win now mode then pull the trigger but I feel like an injured Lockett should still net a better WR than Chark.
  4. I like TWill and Kirk here. Kirk should see enough volume even vs. SF
  5. I like Samuel and Sanders here. Divisional games in NFC South are usually high scoring, I think Samuel gets another TD. Sanders as you mentioned should have the lion's share of touches. Ajayi shouldn't be a factor... But that's what my gut says. Help here?
  6. 8 team league 0.5 PPR My Chubb, Golden Tate, and Keenan Allen For Jacobs, Kittle, and Thielen Call me crazy but I think the Jacobs side out scores the Chubb side ROS. Thoughts? I have Waller as my TE but am not sold on his performances where Mahomes looks to be healthy and is balling out again. Leave a link
  7. All of your options are decent for a flex this week but I like Tate or Edmonds the most. If DJ sits I think Edmonds is a must start even against NO, otherwise I'd roll with Tate he's getting the targets.
  8. In my 8 team 0.5 PPR league I need to grab a kicker. Couldn't get any trades done so I'm left with a hard choice. Who would you drop out of: J.Crowder G.Olsen D.Montgomery C.Samuel Olsen seems like the odd man out when I have Waller at TE. Crowder is on the Jets, Monty is a product of a Nagy system, and Samuel only gets red zone looks it seems. Any insight is always appreciated. Leave a link!
  9. So I am nuts .. in thinking that I could pull this off lol I suppose Connor or Bell would have to be in the conversation then
  10. 10 team 0.5PPR League Not thrilled with OBJ and Sony, and i think Godwin is the truth. Would you trade: OBJ, Sony, and Everett for Godwin and Coleman I just don't trust the situation OBJ and Sony are in, yes OBJ is still an elite talent but the Browns are a mess, and yes Sony is a TD machine for the Pats but I feel like Godwin and Coleman have the easier path to quality touches. Thoughts? Am I nuts? Leave a link!
  11. I'd say Shepard. It's his 2nd concussion this year and its only week 6...
  12. I'm starting the stash over wire guys like rivers, Jimmy G. But if Murray is in the picture then I'd roll him out there. Help?
  13. You'd be selling low on Evans and buying high on Fuller and Gallup. That being said I really like Gallup. Fuller is going to be hit and miss and he is known to get injured. I feel like you could get a better haul for Evans. Try and swing something bigger.
  14. It's close but I think I'd pill the trigger. Edelman is Mr. Consistent in PPR and it looks like Gurley is rounding to form. Evans is gonna boom but has lots of bust potential and Coleman just lost his pro bowl FB for 6 weeks ish. Go for it. Help?
  15. Yeah I would take this as well. I would keep Montgomery but it's a coin flip with Gordon and McLaurin for me. Send Dissly and scary Terry. Less competition for Terry but WAS is a mess right now.