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  1. Starting a 12 team H2H auction draft. Lmk if your interested
  2. Starting a new league. Need 11 more managers.It’s a copy of a yahoo pro league but private. 5x5 Auction w/FAAB draft on 3/14 at 2pm payment through LeagueSafe.
  3. Buddy and Inwould be interested if you find one like this
  4. yea, inv sent. please pay when join. we are almost full and I am removing people who don't pay
  5. SuperFlex Auction tonight if interested
  6. We did not. I attempted to set up yahoo cash league and someone left with 30 minutes to go and draft got canceled. Attempting to redo this tonight but thru league safe.
  7. 12 team .5 ppr SuperFlex Auction tonight 11EST money through LeagueSafe
  8. Do you know if we can get refunds? Says I'm not in league anymore đŸ˜­

    1. CrushinRushin


      Yeah refund should of been issued. Sorry about this bs. Yahoo canceled our draft time and people were complaining. I am going to try another league tonight if your interested