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  1. I would have went with Adams.. I hope I am wrong. Here is my draft. That happened tonight
  2. Your RB are solid. Jones and Montgomery went in the 4th. I would try and package up one of them and boyd for a low end wr1
  3. Saquon and cmc are pretty much equal. Montgomery and Gordon are better then Lindsay and Landry. Do the deal http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/759556-rate-my-team/
  4. Yeah. I see what you are saying. But I didnt take him at 6. I got him at 12. I think the Jets are going to be a little better then everyone thinks. Also with a year off. He might be rusty . But healthier
  5. Bell or Gurley or Conner wasnt there? All 3 of them were there in my draft. 12 team ppr. If cook gets injured like every other year. .. cooks in 3rd is ok with the keeps. I do love Jones as your keeper
  6. I don't know enough about dynasty. I will say this. If Zeke doesnt play you will struggle
  7. Honestly. I am not touching Zeke or Gordon at this year. Imo I dont think either are playing . in fact I took their back ups
  8. No http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/759556-rate-my-team/
  9. Duke Johnson just become your flex. Good pick. Strong team. Well picked.
  10. I wouldnt touch Zeke with a 10 foot pole.. go with run CMC
  11. Delvin with the 1st pick is a reach.. Cook in the 3rd is stretch. Doesn't look good sorry to say. Hope I am wrong
  12. If Pollard is out there. Get him. rb little weak. But your WR should make up for it
  13. 12 team full point PPR. I picked 12th. Qb. Mayfield trubisky Rb Conner, Bell, Freeman, Justin Jackson, Tony Pollard Wr. Ty Hilton, Ridley, Kirk, Allison, Coutee Te. Howard and Hockenson D. Rams. K. Greg the leg How did I do?
  14. Actually I was going to get the Tennessee d for week 1... Do I go get Ben Watson?
  15. Nice team. Other than your NE RBS.. I refuse to draft any ne RBS http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/712428-rate-my-team/
  16. Mille, ajayi, free man burkhead(I personally refuse to draft NE RBS)
  17. Nice. Drop Watson http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/712428-rate-my-team/
  18. No way. Bell is great ... giving up Howard and Hunt. That's 2 much imo. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/712428-rate-my-team/
  19. Love your WR. RBs are really weak should have went rb over Wilson in rd 5 http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/712428-rate-my-team/