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  1. If you read the post you just responded to, he played in 20 games last year. Also you could have googled it which would have taken much less time than typing your response
  2. Agreed. Some people have no patience/big picture perspective. Take advantage of that, send out low ball offers and hope the owners are equally irrational and impatient like the people venting in this thread.
  3. It's like people don't understand the concept of volume.
  4. Yes, the point @Lifschitz makes is wcs in real life does suck. GS is already phasing him out and he will be out of the league in 1-2 years.
  5. Not sure why you think this, his minutes have been consistently 24 + except the last two games which were blowouts.
  6. Wasn't really that tough to stick with him, tbh. In leagues where I have him, I only got the dumbest low-ball offers imagineable lol.
  7. It's like a surprise Christmas present seeing his box scores every morning, you never know what you're going to get but it's always good. Random outbursts of steals, blocks, 3PM, and somehow even put out 5 assists last night.
  8. Ageed. Noel is a garbage player who only needs to rim run and pile up hustle stats to be a fantasy force. The problem with Nance in addition to low playing time is he is a wing player with no PG to get him the ball. I have seen Sexton deliberately freeze him out even when wide open for a 3. Sexton is a very low IQ player who should only be a career 6th man scorer, has no business trying to run a team. Garland isn't ready. All that said Nance has still put up serviceable numbers in games where TT or Love are out: In 5 games as a starter this year he averaged 12/11/.8/.8/1.2.
  9. Similar to Nerlens, a must-stash player until TT and / or Love get injured or traded.
  10. To be fair, his minutes weren't really being jerked around, he was rounding back into form following injury and time off. He never really had a preseason.
  11. Yeah, who can forget RW blurb saying drop him because his mom died smdh.
  12. Again, he is a 3 and D guy. He is not siakam.