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  1. I know, but even if one is inactive, any game one could be subbed out / made inactive.
  2. Best case for Hasty, will split early down work with McKinnon/Wilson until Tevin returns then will be a 4 headed time share.
  3. Tevin is washed, but will probably get just enough snaps to render himself, Hasty, Wilson, and McKinnon completely worthless. When you consider Aiyuk and Deebo are also used like running backs catching short shuttle passes, this backfield is a complete avoid for me until Mostert returns.
  4. So true, these past 2 weeks have been such a fluke. When Dionte returns, Claypool will drop to the #5 receiver behind Washington and Deon Cain. Also remember Ebron and Vance McDonald will relegate Claypool to the #7 target for Big Ben. So many mouths to feed, no way he can keep up his percentage snap count especially when Mike Tomlin wants Big Ben to spread the targets equally.
  5. Not a huge fan either, but go ahead and blow your faab om McKinnon
  6. I am actually a Baylor grad and watch plenty of Hasty in college. I think will be something like a 60-40 split in favor of McKinnon. Also plenty of aiyuk and deebo getting carries and shuttle passes. My only point, probably not worth blowing all your faab on McKinnon
  7. Nah I think it will be a split, not really a guy to own. Hasty early downs, McKinnon cop and third-down back
  8. Not really. Hasty muddied the waters, no clear handcuff.
  9. It looked like he was running the full route tree, had targets underneath and across the middle. Not a safe assumption he will only play when Brown is out.
  10. Rookie with no preseason or training camp. Can't automatically assume Brown will have to miss games for him to be involved in the offense.
  11. I don't understand your logic either. Take away every "lucky" big play from your fantasy stars and what would their weekly stats look like?
  12. It is possible they will lean more on Zeke, but at the same time I think Dalton is capable of running the offense Dak was running without missing a beat. Dalton is not a rookie or a project thrown into the fire, he is an experienced vet. In hindsight very astute signing by the Cowboys.
  13. I completely disagree, his role as a high-volume slot receiver will not change.