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  1. I traded Shai, Dipo and Thomas Bryant for Westbrook and Derrick rose in January Then flipped Rose and Ish for Vanvleet. Shai owners kept laughing at they're in hiding.
  2. oh that makes sense lol. Yeah, I just need to win 5-4. I think your league would be more competitive o your format hmm.
  3. Well I am 13-2. So I'll continue punting 3 cats. I lead the league in all other cats by a wide margin except 3s where 1 other team usually does better than me.
  4. Agreed. I am punting fg%, TO and reb. So having Trae, Harden, westbrook and Butler makes me almost unstoppable this season.
  5. If you were punting FG%, TO and REB and with those cats punted someone offered you a 2nd and 5th rounder for a 6th, 15th rounder and a player that hasn't played the season what would you take?
  6. Thanks for your response rather than a childish response lol. I see what you mean. The other team is 4-7 and I am 9-2. I have steals, blocks, FT% and 3s locked. I needed mainly assist...points I am usually winning but close. Shai doesn't provide much assist at all nor 3s. The only unknown is Dipo. If he comes back great then for sure I lose the trade. But I am currently leading my league and thought if I can secure assist and points then I should win my league. I can see why people think it is a bad trade in a vacuum. But me punting FG%, REB and TO make westbrook a 2nd rounder while Shai is a 6th rounder. Getting a 2nd rounder for a 6th rounder and Bryant a 15th rounder, Rose 5th rounder. Dipo unknown.
  7. Westbrook only has 1 b2b game left for the season. Yeah rose is risky. Thanks for the attitude.
  8. lol I don't see why you think its a bad trade. With my punt categories and having no idea what Dipo will be like (him on minutes restriction, no b2b, etc), I don't see why it is bad. Rose provides similar numbers to Shai, except shai more steals but Rose more assist which I needed. Westbrook for Bryant and Dipo seems good to me.
  9. I mean using basketball monster with my punt cats Shai is ranked 61st, Bryant 174, Dipo no ranking as you know, rose 57th, westbrook 23rd. So I like the trade.
  10. Kind of torn. I think this is a good trade for me unless dipo comes back and beast. I am punting FG%, TO and Reb. So westbrook is actually really good for my team.
  11. I have 1 IR spot that dipo has been in (thought he would have been back already and I have held too long to give up on him now lol). I had Otto and had to drop him when Smart was also out. Someone dropped Bryant so I picked him up. Hoping Bryant comes back soon so I can pick up Nurk or Otto. Would be perfect if Bryant and Dipo comes back at a similar time so I could grab both Nurk and Otto.
  12. Opponent was leading me by 9 blocks yesterday. I gave up on that category and streamed some 3 pointers to try and win that cat. Lopez decided he would do it all by himself to make me win the block cat this week lol
  13. Yep. There is no right way, just dislike some are such big advocates for either side.
  14. I had dropped him a few days ago for Ky Bowman. I know many here advocate to hold players and act like that is always the best way to go. That is what I did with Prince instead of picking up Vanvleet.
  15. What a frustrating guy to own. I have dipo in my only IR slot. Fortunately, I am still 3-1 so I will be holding onto Otto. Not like there is anything out on the WW anyway in a 14 team league.
  16. Its your fault for picking him #9 wth lol. Lavine @ 33? Might as well call it a season and draft better next season.
  17. Lmao, I am in a league that seems to value player names rather than actual production and hot takes. Lauri had a 34 point 17 rebound game or something like they see that and get excited lol.
  18. Well I just traded for Kemba so I am on the train now. I am in a points league. Traded Vuc, Jimmy B, Obre and Lauri for Kemba, AD and Westbrook.
  19. Thanks for your response! I listed it above, punting FG%, TO and rebs. I think trey will average the most assist this season, harden and Jimmy around 6 each. This season, assist seems to be scarce...not much guys that average over 7 assist per game. I have dipo in IR and picked up rob Williams hoping to get 1.5-2 blocks per game from him.
  20. I would take beal over kawhi 10 out of 10 times because of kawhi resting. Aaron over Otto!? hello no lol Marc Gasol - I would have taken a better rebounder at this pount (not sure any were available) but based on your first 7 picks you're pretty much punting blocks now. Don't like the barton pick, would have went rubio for the stls, assist, 3s. Surprised rubio dropped so far. He is gonna have a good year imo. Overall pretty good. I would try to get Tristan Thompson for more rebs.
  21. I am not a fan of your 3rd pick (Russell). Would have went with mitchell, trae or drue. Seem like you might need to punt TO. You should be really competitive with assist, 3s, stls. FT% is gonna be dragged down by Mcgee and Deandre. You may need to go for a 3 cat punt at this point. Ditchinh bad FT% shooters and punt TO, REB, Blocks...but then you may have issues with FG%.
  22. I would go R. Williams. He is currently on my WW but think I am going to pick him up. I odn't see him getting much minutes in the first couple months but even at 12 mins per game he can produce 2 blocks and not much else. So if you need blocks get him.
  23. I had the first pick but would probably build my team similarly if I had the 10th pick, punt FG%, Reb and TO. Grab Beal and doncic, then 1 guard that is good in points/ast/3s/steals i.e. conley, trae, jrue, mitchell and a Center good in blocks (Robinson). Then get B lopez for blocks and threes and a PG like rubio for assist and steals.