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  1. The league is entering its 5th year with a majority of our owners returning, but we do have a couple of open spots. The draft is going to be held on Saturday, Oct 19th at 9PM EST. A summary of the league settings is below: League Name: Bounding and Astounding Buy in: $100 Format: 12-Team Roto Auction Payouts: $600/400/200 Standard 9-Cats (FG%, FT%, 3PM, PTS, AST, REB, STL, BLK, TO) Standard Yahoo Positions (PG, SG, G, SF, PF, F, C, C, UTL, UTL, BN, BN, BN, BN, IR, IR) 86 games per position limit No Acquisition Limit FAAB waiver system Daily-Tomorrow roster changes $200 Auction Budget Payments will be collected via Leaguesafe and are subject to majority approval. Respond here or send an email to with questions or to express interest. Thanks.
  2. 3 years. FTFY Also pretty pointless trying to predict what someone like him will do until things shake out in FA. Even if the Knicks strike out, which I fully expect them to, they're going to at the very least bring in a few bigger name guys who will, in all likelihood, steal usage and opportunity away from RJ.
  3. Super long shot (basically a bold prediction), but I can see Hunter having an impact this season. Won't be guaranteed to get significant minutes out of the gate, though his elite defense could make that possible. Of course, the transition to a league where help defense and rotations are so important could mean he's brought along more slowly. The Hawks could certainly afford to do that. I think his offense is better than people realize, with steady, continued improvement throughout his college career. He'll never be a #1 guy obviously, but he can shoot and was an above average scorer in basically every play type according to Synergy. If he can continue to develop a little more on that end, I think he can grow into a Taurean-Price type with better defense. The big question is whether said defense will translate to stocks. It's no secret his defensive numbers were atrocious in college. While that could be partly explained through any number of college-related factors, it's no doubt a concern. But if he can manage to get them up, the complete picture looks nice as a 3 and D guy. I'll be very curious to see what those stocks look like during his first season. Also like Herro in deep/super deep leagues. Heat always seem to be banged up and will need his shooting and bit of playmaking. More importantly, that FT% is insane. Even if he only gets to the line twice a game, it'll still be helpful. Points, threes, FT% and low TOs could be enough in 9-cat, depending on his FG%.
  4. Players Devin Booker top-10 Middleton top-15 Isaac top-40 Hayward top-40 Tyus Jones top-50 De'Andre Hunter is one of four rookies to finish in the top-100 KD and Klay resign with Golden State Kawhi and Embiid will each play in 75 games Fultz will win Comeback Player of the Year Andrew Wiggins is benched Nerlens Noel is the waiver wire pickup of the year thanks to Adams getting hurt Teams The Celtics will win 55 games The Magic will win 47 games The Hawks will make the playoffs The Lakers will win one playoff game The Spurs will finish as the 3rd seed out West
  5. What are everyone's thoughts on him in dynasty leagues? Have Pick 2 in my rookie draft and am debating whether to take him or trade away the pick.
  6. Yup, he does this every year with the young guys he's in love with. He obviously knows his stuff, but I always make sure to take his rankings with a grain of salt, particularly when they involve young, unproven guys.
  7. Normally, I'd shy away from the over-hyped, early-round rookie by default, a category which Zion would seemingly fall into. That being said, I don't think it's impossible for him to be a 2nd-round value this season. The problem is, I think it's much more likely he underperforms that valuation than meets or exceeds it. It really all comes down to the defensive stats. They should be good at a minimum (let's say, 2.5+ stocks), but for him to make up for his deficiencies elsewhere (3PM, AST, FT%) they need to be Giannise-esque. The FG% will be good, but I'm not confident it's going to be great off the bat as he adjusts to life in the NBA, even if many of his shots would come around the rim. For a guy who only averaged 30mpg in college to go to 34mpg on a fast-pace squad and who is expected to be a strong contributor on both sides of the ball, I can see fatigue also being an issue at some point. That would be a problem for a guy who will need his strength to handle contact in the paint. Plus, if you're going to draft him, you'll probably want to be punting FT% given his expected high volume of attempts from the line. While I think there's a good chance he can get his FT% up to more acceptable levels in the future, I doubt that happens next season. And since I'm not really a punt FT% guy, I doubt I'll be taking him. Anyway, it's basically a moot point because even if I would warm up to the idea of taking Zion early, it won't be early enough to beat out the crazies who take him late-1st.
  8. That's why I included the word "figure" and the phrase "I could see them" in there. And there's nothing wild about them at all. There was already talk coming into the season of the Wizards blowing things up if they again failed to advance in the playoffs. When you consider how poorly their season was going before Wall went down, it's a fair scenario to consider.
  9. Anyone concerned with a possible trade before the deadline? For those of us with FAAB bidding that's a real concern to consider. At 27 years of age, you figure Sato isn't in the Wizards long-term plans, and with the team as much of a mess as it was even before Wall went down, I could see them trading off some assets at the deadline and blowing this whole thing up. Wasting a big chunk of my load on a guy who would be traded in a month and proceed to lose all value would really suck.
  10. It'll be interesting to see what, if anything, the Sixers do at the deadline if Fultz is still underwhelming by then, since they certainly have the assets and the cap space to make a big move. Would they give Fultz more time to improve or would they cut bait and go for it sooner rather than later?
  11. Except it would come at the cost of an even lower chance of winning, and since I wouldn't expect another couple hundred of millions of dollars to make my life any better relatively speaking, why would I want to reduce my chances of winning? Give me 100 million and a 10x better chance of winning vs 1 billion and a worse chance of winning any day (or at least I would consider them equal at best). I get why people buy the tickets in general; I just don't understand the logic in getting frenzied over a net negative.
  12. I understand the point you're trying to make. I'm just saying that drafting Fultz with a one-to-two game window of expected performance was never going to be a good idea considering his particular situation. Hardly back-breaking, sure, but not smart, either. There were probably a dozen other superior scratch offs that impatient owners would have been better off buying on draft day, some of which may not be available for sale now. But I do understand that some owners probably drafted him because he is a former #1 overall pick and with the hope of getting immediate results, all other considerations be damned. On a slightly unrelated note, I don't understand all of the hype surrounding the current Mega Millions and Powerball Jackpots. If anything, a jackpot worth nearly a billion dollars would be a bad thing, as it would only act to decrease one's already minuscule chance of winning while not providing any additional marginal utility. I mean, is there really a difference between 100 million and 500 million dollars? I love me some fantasy and some poker, but scratch-offs, drawings and slot machines do absolutely nothing for me. If they did, I'd probably be broke and homeless by now.
  13. No, but tell me which of these scratch offs you would prefer to play: A: A scratch off with a 1 in 500 chance of winning a $100 grand prize B: A scratch off with a 1 in 2500 chance of winning a $100 grand prize Dropping Fultz two games into the season would be like going with B. If someone wanted immediate production, they could have easily drafted someone else in the same price range with similar upside, if not even more given the concern with Fultz's percentages even in a best-case scenario. I drafted Fultz on several teams because I was willing to be patient with him. Yes, the decision could do more harm than good in the end, but that's not the point. At $2, the situation is obviously different; I was talking more about the owners who took him around 100 and, more specifically, those who had unrealistic expectations for his early season performance.
  14. My thoughts exactly. Expecting Fultz to come out like gangbusters on a team like this was always a pipe dream, especially with his shooting form still not all the way back to where it needs to be. I completely understand owners dropping him for hot free agents as he wasn't likely to hold much value this season anyway, and sure, wasting a top 100-130 pick on him isn't the end of the world, but it still begs the question as to why he was drafted in the first place if he was going to be dropped two games into the season? There were plenty of other higher upside players in the same range who would have been far likelier to hold early-season value compared to Fultz. Having drafted Fultz expecting solid early-season performance despite knowing his obvious faults (FG%, FT%) seems a bit like playing the lotto.