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  1. I have mixon and would be happy to trade him for Robinson right now. Would robinson owners take mixon??
  2. Mixon for Robinson trade now not so far fetched
  3. This is very true, that's a good point. They pretty much have Jacobs and Waller, and Carr is obviously no Wilson. Although they do have Ruggs. But for sure, offensively much less talented than Seattle. We'll see how Bill does stopping them.
  4. tbh tho he didn't really do that that well against the seahawks...Lockett, Carson, and Metcalf had pretty solid nights, and Wilson coooooooked.
  5. True, but last week was slightly disappointing. Not too many targets, a decent amount of snaps without Cook on the field...without Cook AND Sanders on the field actually... like, what's going on there? Cook is a huge dude, creates a lot of mismatches...why not feed him?
  6. I don't have any shares of Chubb or Hunt, but I wouldn't be too excited about either. The Bengals would probably give up 100 and a TD to Kalen Ballage.
  7. literally throwing it into coverage for green every time
  8. I'm sure there were a few owners who benched him and reaped the rewards. All I'm saying is, you don't absolutely have to start him if you have a good backup.
  9. not necessarily. I thought the same thing about David Johnson, and look what happened when he was "active", with Edmonds on my bench. similar situation here imo
  10. if TM will have a down game, this is it, like people said. Might have to bench him in favor of Boyd. After this game however, start with confidence
  11. what are we thinking with Mahomes out? Will they try to get him the ball on slants and screens? Moore connected with him on a nice TD throw...I'm just not sure what to expect here.