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  1. I'm sure there were a few owners who benched him and reaped the rewards. All I'm saying is, you don't absolutely have to start him if you have a good backup.
  2. not necessarily. I thought the same thing about David Johnson, and look what happened when he was "active", with Edmonds on my bench. similar situation here imo
  3. if TM will have a down game, this is it, like people said. Might have to bench him in favor of Boyd. After this game however, start with confidence
  4. what are we thinking with Mahomes out? Will they try to get him the ball on slants and screens? Moore connected with him on a nice TD throw...I'm just not sure what to expect here.
  5. that was ugly. their O line looks almost as bad as the bengals. plus a ton of snaps for Gordon
  6. Expectations for Sunday at Arizona? The Cardinals have been shredded by QBs this season. I’m thinking at least 300 yards and 2 TDs with a ton of upside.
  7. Please take me to the promised land T Boyd. I'm feeling good about tonight, how about y'all?
  8. Disappointed with no touchdowns, and the split carries with JJ
  9. Is this the week that I go with the 2-7 Cardinals?!?!?!?!?!
  10. oh man I last minute changed from the Jets to the Rams. One guy got knocked out with Eagles, one with the Jets, and another with the Bucs. 6 left. Next week scares me.
  11. I'm really, really nervous about picking the Jets this week.
  12. I hop I hope you didn't take the cowboys. always pick against the bills. that's why I may go with the Jets this week.
  13. why couldn't this have happened before I traded for the guy?
  14. you're all welcome, of course his breakout comes when I sit him, for Jordy no less.
  15. there's no such thing as a jinx!!! (trying to antijinx my jinx)