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  1. i like holmes the most for his upside and stocks
  2. depends how deep your team is, if you need depth i'll take dlo/collins i prefer getting the best player in the deal, so i would personally stay with kyrie
  3. Capela, is a tier above Harrell
  4. is there rumors kings looking to trade for otto? why would they even do that though, they are pretty much the same age and they don't have to pay max for this guy
  5. Big fan of him IRL. Picked him up in all leagues as well. Should continue to get big mins as long as C's are winning
  6. aminu, just because i don't think oubre will ever have a clear path for mins unless some injuries occur or a trade
  7. if you don't need assists and points. i would do it
  8. Lol, Ellington is back in the rotation cause Dragic/Wade is out
  9. Ah the memories Larry Drew brings back. Still is one of the worst coaches for Fantasy Basketball
  10. Yeah thats true, I would actually not be surprised if Hassan is the one who loses minutes when Johnson comes back
  11. I don't think it will affect him, it'll be more likely be Olynyk and Winslow who takes the hit. Derrick Jones would also be out of the rotation completely
  12. Even during his rookie season when he was barely producing, Spo still gave him 25mins+ for his hustle and intensity Now that he is actually producing, i just can't see it happening either