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  1. Going to be slow going to regain any of his previous season form. Tough to hold at this rate.
  2. massive game...but was the only active PG on the roster. Still ranked outside the top 150 for the year, if that's a breakout to you then enjoy.
  3. 42 year old in the dunk contest would be awesome
  4. anyone else worried about this consistent heel issue?
  5. exceeding everyone's expectations this year, but still no one trusts him and his future is so muddy. Enjoy the ride!
  6. so the Kings somehow misdiagnosed the severity of his ankle injury. If you can't trust team doctors who can you trust 😅 but seriously, find another athlete who recovered from a legit grade 3 sprain in 4 weeks. It's not physically possible. He's back at least, enjoy the Fox 👍
  7. That would be Divac. The final decision came down to his dislike of Doncic's father 🤣
  8. you get a triple double! and you get a triple double! everyone gets a triple double!
  9. don't get too excited, he got a ton of play since they were down by 30 and Nurse kept the bench going for the comeback. very likely he's back to 15 mins next game.