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  1. Juan Toscano-Anderson Harry Giles both worth a speculative add in deep leagues
  2. so this counts as a post post post post hype delivery now? Can't believe dude is figuring it out. Great job by Kerr and the staff developing him
  3. Highly doubtful he's back right after the break with the lack of practice. Likely a mid March return date at this point
  4. this quote isn't even about Hartenstein though πŸ˜‚
  5. Beast. Will retain value even if Drummond sticks. Adding everywhere.
  6. here's Tucker in the playoffs vs EVERY BIG MAN
  7. so many players changing teams in this one haha wow
  8. Juancho is a must add, should be starting ROS
  9. his ankle is really bothering him, that's the biggest reason for the drop in play.
  10. Hartenstein's been getting absolutely no run even with Capela out. Don't think he's suddenly going to more playing time if Capela is dealt.
  11. Guys, it’s not happening, Drummonds not getting traded, and even if he did idk. Time to move on. 😜
  12. of course, for this forum I just go with fantasy
  13. first 3 years in the league his highest fantasy finish was 171st sandwiched between 2 season of being outside the top 200. So he was trending in the bust direction. Huge improvement this year with the 3ball, just needs to add some consistent stocks and he's a gem.
  14. yeah I dunno if it's Brooks or management still trying to get wins but that looks like the reason right now. I'm hoping there's a big rotation overhaul after the trade deadline and Bryant gets back up to 25-30mins with Brown Jr. getting more as well.
  15. well Mahinmi actually contributes on defence so that's the main reason Bryant isn't playing as much. Brooks will refuse to play him bigger minutes mainly due to this and Bryant's effort on the defensive end is a huge red flag for his future potential.
  16. sadly unless Ja gets hurt and misses time he's all but wrapped up the award. Zion winning it with like 30-35 games played will be almost impossible.