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  1. I hope the GMs in my league drop Ben. I will be waiting 🙂
  2. If he was out for the season they would say it outright. Sixers are fighting to not fall too far in the playoff seeding. If Ben can play at all on the court he will probably be back in 3-4 weeks. If it doesn’t happen by then, it is officially over mate. But all news and rumors considered, not the worst news we could have received
  3. The reason I won steals this week. Cheers Frank.
  4. Read between the lines. These guys are trolling so you can drop. As soon as you do, they will scoop him up Nunn is the truth He will also keep getting more time on the court as season progresses and the vets start to drop
  5. he lead me to first place heading into playoffs
  6. not a bad player to have for playoff schedule alone
  7. I wish I had this guy. He is already killing me in steals 😫