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  1. Yep. As a life-long 'phins fan not sure about the pick. He has talent, he also has injuries to his hip, ankles, knees, etc. Thus, I'm in favor of allowing QBs to use a powered wheel chair during games. Still processing this pick ...
  2. Like the OP I was on his early hype train as well. Never was sure if his problem was usage, mental, injury, or some combo of all. If he gets healthy and gets in the right system perhaps he can get back into the FF discussion. As noted above, TE 8 overall is not horrible, but the falloff from the top is pretty steep. Can't forget the 3 targets and one catch for 4 yards type games. I'll keep him on my radar as a late round pick or an early WW pick-up depending on where he lands and health status.
  3. Wow ... how can you be "lmao." Point to one thing in my post that is worthy of "laughing" about and is not true. China will continue to send this crap to us every year, as they have done for decades, until there are changes made in China. Trump shut down travel from China in Jan and was attacked by the left as being a racist. So, who acted slowly? The left, who wanted to keep travel from China open (many more thousands of deaths would have resulted) or Trump who shut it down? The facts will set you free.
  4. Wow ... just wrong. Read the facts. China (Communist Chinese Party -- CCP) and the World Health Organization (WHO) downplayed, hid, discounted and denied this virus was a problem. They even stated that there was no human-to-human transfer of the virus. All lies and deception. The people responsible for this horrific situation are the CCP and the WHO, PERIOD. Stop blaming Trump, because more of this crap will be coming from China year after year after year. Ever ask yourself, why do we put up the annual flu from China? And, why won't the WHO do something about it? Thank you Trump for the EARLY closing of all travel from China ... keep it closed until China stops exporting this crap year after year, after year after year .... enough is enough. I personally am done with the annual flu shot we have to take because of China. China has to change and until they do, keep all travel from there closed. China kills 30-50k Americans every year with their fraking annual flu bullsh*t.
  5. As long as RB DH is the focus of the offense both QB Tanny and WR Brown should be late round grabs or go undrafted in 12+ team leagues. There is potential for both to payoff next year, just they don't throw enough to get you over the top against the talent you could draft instead. I would consider drafting both late next year, just not a priority.
  6. AJ Green. Was never hurt more than me when I banged my ankle in the dark against the fridge corner. Just a hold out waiting for FA.
  7. Lost the 3rd place game, so I think us 4th placers should still get a trophy since we did make into the 'ship bracket. What would be a good trophy? I think one with the Titanic sinking would be good. My team was unsinkable ... I thought.
  8. Went all in on Tampa (Winston, Perriman, OJ) and go figure should have gone all in on Miami.
  9. How unlikely it seemed, but it could the TB Bucs could win your league this week. That's the story no one saw coming.
  10. It just might. The glove keeps the thumb from moving too much which gives him a solid launching point. His passes have looked better since the injury and the glove. He only has 80+ FFPs since the injury and is setting TB (and NFL) records ... Start him and all TB pass catchers vs Houston, should be a shootout.
  11. Benching for any TB WR. The Vegas "sharpes" have this weeks TB game the highest scoring game of the week. In most leagues this is the last game and no way can I get another dud from Golladay. Though, in no way I'm blaming the WR. He has talent, just lacks a QB.
  12. The above two players are the reasons why I lost the semi and I'm now playing for a third place trophy. But, I'm not that ranty (that a word?) since my team had injuries and I drafted David Johnson and AJ Green (before he got "hurt.") So, I'll take the 3rd place trophy based on my up and down year.
  13. Drafted QB last, late in my 12 team league and got Dak and Winston. Sweet, still playing!
  14. Just the people that lost that needed just a bit more ...