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  1. Agree with above two posters. Two thumbs up for his ROS outlook. He's clearly the best RB on the team and is a 3 down guy. Can't believe anyone that drafted him didn't hold him.
  2. I never ignore them. I first consider what the person is after and why, and will respond accordingly. Sometimes the trade offer makes since in that the player wants something from me that I can afford to let go and get something I need, or at least give me more bench depth in return. Other times, like noted above, it's just players trying to take advantage and offering PFN* (*ref: The Office).
  3. Mixon, Jones, AB it's all just one happy thread that covers all.
  4. Agree .. I would not drop Claypool etc either. I dropped a scrub RB 5.
  5. So, why is all this Mixon stuff in the AB thread? 🤭
  6. In that offense 7, 6, 7, is highly, never said heavily targeted. No one in that offense is getting consistent "heavy" targets.
  7. Well, I just asked the best source of FF advice on the interwebs if AB will be a WR#1 ROS. And the answer was "Yes Definitely." I'm good.
  8. Evans/AB owner here looking as well ... My gut feeling is that Godwin will continue to be highly targeted and Evans will fade. In Florida here I get all the Buc games and Evans has had some drops and route issues that did not sit well with Brady.
  9. Yes you do trash people and I'm glad you called yourself a POS. I'm pretty tired of your constant attacks on other posters and though the mods do nothing, karma will. So, let's agree that you're a POS that trashes other posters. Thanks for being honest.
  10. Lol, nonsense post. JW is gonna rock. FSU grad, JW fan.
  11. True. Just wondering if Dallas would consider trading Dak for JW ...
  12. Dallas, please trade for JW before the deadline. JW at least scores TDs when he throws an INT or two. Dalton looks awful and is killing all the Dallas O players.
  13. Well, still applies but looks like the JuJu train has fallen off the bridge into the water and is making it's way to the deep ocean, perhaps resting at some point near the Titanic.
  14. I don't think so. If Sanders is gone than look to whatever they have left at WR/TE. WR Fulgham should be owned in all leagues.
  15. The only positive from that story or today's game is that perhaps Ben will try and get him more targets next week so he doesn't look like a fool.