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  1. No maybe about it. Dude is junk, definition of a looter in a riot. Luckily almost every Bulls game is garbage time for the whole game, so he'll have plenty of chances to loot
  2. Good stuff. Need this guy back, as I was one of the unfortunate dudes that drafted him under the assumption that Kawhi Leonard was going to play at some point this year. Whoops
  3. In all honesty if you've watched him play you would see he is pretty much a**. Has no game inside the arc to speak of, too scared of getting blocked to take layups and not nearly athletic enough to create any separation off the dribble (or guard anybody). He shoots a lot of threes and dribbles back and forth around the top of the key, that's pretty much it. I'd stay away even if he was getting major minutes.
  4. If you're wondering if this is gonna be a nightly thing, the answer is no. In the playoffs last year he scored 19 points in game 1 and then basically didn't score the rest of the series. And he's not gonna start over Markkanen or Lopez.
  5. Just sayin. 20 years old. These games ain't gonna get less common the more he gets to start.
  6. The per minute production is absolutely insane. Biggest if in the world obv but if he plays 30+ MPG ever he's a lock for top 10 value
  7. Jarrett Allen might be the move if you need cheap blocks
  8. If yall think he's gonna average 3 PPG the rest of the year, idk what to tell you. Seek help maybe
  9. feeling v warm and fuzzy about last minute switching my pick to this guy from Capela
  10. I wouldn't expect literally any contribution from Fultz in 3PM or FT% this year, if at all. He looks like he has a textbook case of yips to me. Can play D, run around, make nifty passes, finish at the rim, but steps to the free throw line and looks like he's playing Minesweeper. It's gonna take a lot of work and breaking it down to the basics to fix that form and there's not really time for that during the season
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