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  1. boban @ philly possibly backing up embiid. thoughts?
  2. Drew actually has a thing for big euros like zaza and raduljika when they were still with the bucks.
  3. i used to believe the narrative that dlo is a hopelessly flawed player who has not improved since his rookie year. but with his outstanding play the past two months, i think it is only fair that we fans re-think things. dlo earned that, at least. sure, d'lo remains a terrible defender and inconsistent offensive player. but the nets had been able to hide him a bit on defense and the duds come in less often than before. when they traded for him, the nets hoped for a player that could carry them offensively for at least two years until they could finally chase a big name FA who could take over the role. dlo had the perfect opportunity, but injuries and inconsistency derailed him last year. this year was his second - and probably last - shot at such a role. all these arguments regarding dinwiddie and russell are just downright silly. these two are polar opposites of each other. if you prefer steadiness, clutch and efficiency, then obviously dinwiddie is for you. but if you prefer upside, volume and the ability to fill in the box score like a boss, then d'lo is for you. but preferences don't really mean a particular guy is any better. it's just you like him more than the other dude.
  4. possible starting job and 30+ mins per game for 4-6 weeks. sounds like a must-add for me, shooting woes be damned besides, his shooting slump should be over soon anyway. he won't be shooting 1-for-11 all the time.
  5. bjelica won euroleague mvp after he was drafted. that's why his case is kinda different to luka and kristaps. he didnt have that euroleague mvp pedigree when he was drafted. otherwise he would have been a first rounder.
  6. Well it happened already. The leash was even shorter than we thought lol. Willy just isn't borrego's guy. Wont be surprised if he's removed completely from the rotation for kaminsky even with zeller out of the picture.
  7. Foul trouble as usual. Got his 2nd and 4th quite early in the game.
  8. To be fair, borrego gave willy multiple opportunities this season - but that leash has been very, very short. In an early november loss where zeller struggled terribly, borrego suggested there would be changes at center. Rotoworld blurbs went agog expecting willy to replace cody at starting C. But no, the change borrego promised was willy being out of the rotation 😁 Next time willy got back into the rotation, he got sick for a game and kaminsky played well in his stead. When willy got back, borrego stuck with frank the tank for several weeks until the wheels literally fell off. Long story short, borrego clearly isnt a fan of willy. Yes willy gets his shot at starting now, but it wont probably last too long. But its fine. Just as long as zeller is out and willy gets around 16-18 mins off the bench every game with no dnp's, he could feast on hapless second stringers. Definitely worth an add to see how he pans out without the threat of a dnp in zellers absence.
  9. early foul trouble but still managed 22-10-2 in just 21 minutes. no easy feat doing that against joel
  10. same here. i owned nurk for all my teams the previous two seasons and was very active in last year's nurk thread. but this year i decided to stay away for a change and... man i really regret it now nurk is a monster. congrats to all his owners this year.
  11. Good point. Although, griffin never did average at least 1 bpg in a season. As a rookie, he managed just 0.5 blks. Collins on the other hand averaged 1.1 bpg as a rook ( i mistyped it at 1.4 in a post yesterday) with a per-36 of 1.6. When you watch collins play its easy to see that he can explode and block some shots. His game winning swat of kemba a month ago is a shining example. The problem is foul trouble when hes being too agressive, and as a rookie last year he bit on way too many fakes (much to budenholzer's chagrin 😄). Coach Pierce is mainly a player development specialist rather than an X & O's type. So i think collins' block dropoff this year is by design. But with him already affirming himself as a double2x threat this early, i cant help but wonder if pierce will eventually want to explore the other facets of collins game this season, particularly rim protection.
  12. yeah, 30 minutes is a pipe dream. but 20-22 minutes might be more realistic... and i think it could be enough for willy to manage a double-double.