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  1. I've been burned a couple times stashing an injured guy with the hope they'd come back and tear it up. That being said I still tend to go for it in the situations that are like yours so I would say you should if you can live with the possibility he doesn't come back and play well or at all even.
  2. I'm considering this same move for Naz. With KAT out I feel like it could be the move to make but who knows with foul trouble. PJ would be the safe move to make in this situation and I might have already done that if he were available in my league.
  3. I agree with everything that was said here.
  4. I need boards and I've been contemplating dropping one of these guys. I like the threes they provide but Nunn has been cold and Huerter is streaky. Nunn Huerter I also still have MPJ on the IL and I like his stats when he actually plays but I'm unsure of his minutes moving forward. Should I even gamble on Naz or just drop one of them to keep MPJ? Will help in return! Thanks!
  5. I'm deciding between Smart Prince MPJ I also have Nunn but after his recent play I feel like I should hold him. Thanks!
  6. That's pretty low and I disagree with Ibaka being out for a couple weeks. The raptors have a pretty versatile roster but this could be viewed as an opportunity to see what he can do with the big boys now. I dropped Reddick since he looks pretty washed up these days so I'll go for the speculative add.
  7. I would go Holmes and I kick myself for not picking him up in my league now with my injuries. I'm on the Prince wagon though and I think he's going to increase his value over the next few months but I'm biased because I drafted him.
  8. Or for Carter Jr straight up? I have no idea what Lowry's value is but I feel like I need to move him before he gets injured. I'd honestly rather keep him with is insane usage but I figure he won't hold up.
  9. I have Bagley and Turner injured now and am in need of boards however this seems to be a good offer? I was targeting Zubac and maybe another for Lowry but should I take this deal?
  10. Who do think is the better add in a 12 team H2H?
  11. You're really going to put his basketball career and/or fantasy above his freedom to speak out about the dictator who runs his home country and oppresses people? Get a grip man.
  12. Both are on the wire and I have an open IR spot. I would have to use my #5 waiver for Nance. Who's better ROS? Post your thread and I'll reply.
  13. Personally I would prefer to give Whiteside over nurk but I love big men who can do everything as opposed to specialists so I'm biased. Honestly the only reservation I have is the favors part because I think he fades as the year goes on but that's just a feeling. Embiid and bledsoe are great and probably worth it if favors can continue to contribute something.