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  1. Lol fair enough, it's probably the second time I've done that on the forum. Just felt the need to prove a point when another poster responded to my original post about Gaskin a league winner in deeper leagues and said it was going too far. 3 games in and I think it's definitely trending the way I anticipated (knock on wood, fingers crossed).
  2. yikes... wish I read this thread before making lineup decisions (would've started Gaskin instead). I took Gurley at the 2/3 turn with the 1st overall pick (CMC lol), but I highly doubt he'll return anywhere near that value if the gloom and doom in this thread is accurate!
  3. I already had Murray in one league and traded away DJ and Evans for Drake and Golladay (stole that trade IMO)... bragging aside, I think having both Murray and Drake potentially adds to your consistency. The only downside would be when the Cardinals entire offense bombs (in a bad way), which shouldn't be often (knock on wood, fingers crossed). BTW good luck on your trade, you'd win if it's THill+JWhite for Drake+JRob (or THill for Drake OR JWhite for JRob). I personally don't take any of those scenarios.
  4. Not one to quote myself usually, and it still kinda depends on your FA/waiver depth, but in deeper leagues, definitely got league-winning potential the way things are trending.
  5. Probably not.. maybe someone else if you can spare.
  6. LOL exact same boat man. I took Henry 4th overall in ppr over Zeke. I probably still do it today especially given the usage and ease of schedule. My only complaint if I have to is that he didn't catch any of the two targets yesterday. I didn't see the game so hopefully it wasn't his fault.
  7. Not trying to make this AC, just sharing if anyone's wondering about his trade value. I just gave up David Johnson and Mike Evans for Drake and Golladay (this may be more about Golladay's trade value, but still). All aboard!
  8. Lol yes can't believe he's selling that low. I'm in a similar spot below. I just did my trade.
  9. Lol hit accept so fast. I drafted Henry 4th overall in a ppr league. Henry's better than Julio and Landry better than Green. You're fleecing him. Help with mine please.
  10. Aaron Jones and whoever you want to give up for Mixon and Murray (or Ryan if he rejects Murray). I still don't trust Jones... And would buy Mixon. Help with mine please.
  11. Thank you for helping with mine. I'd definitely keep Mahomes because you just don't have a need for TE upgrade IMO. I can start with Cam and a TE for Kelce but I don't see him biting. Then maybe you can add a WR or RB for a lesser one in return.
  12. Half PPR Would you give up Mike Evans and David Johnson for Kenyan Drake and Kenny Golladay? I can afford stashing Kenny G if I get him.
  13. As mentioned it's ppr. I have a trade pending where I give up Beckham Jr and Hines for Amari Cooper and Phil Lindsay (plan to drop Lindsay), then I'll be good on roster #, but that move won't be done in time so I need to drop someone tonight, like in an hour... QB: Daniel Jones RB: Sqauon Barkley WR: Davante Adams WR: DK Metcalf TE: Mark Andrews Flex: Miles Sanders DFS: Colts K: (Empty) Bench: Odell Beckham Jr. Bench: DJ Chark Bench: Nyheim Hines Bench: Dallas Goedert Bench: James Robinson