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  1. Thank you for helping with mine singletary and penny. Go with upside in playoffs.
  2. Thank you for helping with mine. Anderson Mack don't over think it.
  3. Thank you for helping with mine. If it's ppr do shepherd, Barkley sucks now so they'll throw a lot.
  4. Thank you for helping with mine. Go big or go home. I'd bench Sutton too. Broncos have nothing to play for and Sutton will be tightly covered.
  5. Mark Andrews vs Buffalo Bills? Or Austin Hooper vs Carolina Panthers? Both matchups suck (I guess Andrews' sucks more). Currently I'm starting Andrews. Thoughts? WHIR, leave a link.
  6. Thank you for helping with mine. Seems like Stafford is having one of his once-in-several-years good season. Roll him out I'd say.
  7. Same. I'm starting him over Winston. Easy decision IMO. Winston plays the Rams.
  8. Tried to flip for Gurley, which is a buy low too, but didn't work lol. Guess people aren't believing yet.
  9. Surprised this thread didn't blow up. I'm personally stoked that I picked him up last week in my 16 teamer before his start (after blowing remaining FAAB on Rudolph lol). I think he will be more than serviceable. The thing is, we don't even know what his ceiling is. The array of weapons on that team could push him into QB1 tier if this really works out.
  10. Not sure about this offense, but more often than not your best receiver plays X.