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  1. I like PG/Westbrook here considering build. FT% is already on its way out the door and with the addition it will close shut. I feel stocks wise PG and Westbrook will provide more. Assists a slight dip, although PG avgs 4-5as well. You’ll get a small boost in FG%. If your build is punting FT, I feel solidifying FG is a priority. PG is one of the best source for 3s. PG is the best player in this trade. IMO Ingram is playing at his ceiling. If Zion plays expect a slight dip in usage/production. I don’t play roto so I’m not sure if the strategy appies here.
  2. I’m on the same boat. I want to say yes badly on my trade. The 3-4-4 is all I’m thinking. But i’d hate to get burned ayton’s INJ if it lingers. Capella and Ayton stat wise is a close wash. Ayton with FT%. Capella with the defensive stats.
  3. Huerter’s role is more stable. It’s a roll of the dice with Chicago’s guards atm.
  4. He’s too good and the staff knows it. He did drop 20/10 post bagley. His minutes will be there 24-28. His stocks are too valuable. I own RoCo in one league and I would trade for Holmes. Sidenote: I traded my Holmes,Rubio for Jimmy Butler around 4 days ago.
  5. I would take Holmes. At worst he’ll be ranked where Roco is.
  6. 12T 9Cat Yahoo Punt FG/TO 1st place with a 7pt margin. Offered: Ayton for my Shai+Lauri Ayton, Booker, Adams for my Shai+Lauri+Kp Guards: Harden,Butler,Hield,Rubio,Shai, Hield, THJ SF: Og anunoby, Miles Bridges Bigs: Myles Turner, Brolo, Porzingis, Love, Lauri M., Boucher Suns PO schedule is pretty good. I’m hesitant on Ayton’s health.
  7. Jrich/Scal Jrich gives you everything. Scal’s ROS if he stays put in sacramento looks good. I feel Jrich is the best player in this deal.
  8. Markkanen is severely underrated. Great 3s Rebs Blks. Occassional 25+ pts game great ROS.
  9. I like carrol, kyle, prince, and nance. Nance could improve if randle is shipped. I’ve been a fan of Carrol he was on my team few seasons ago when I won my league. Clean game with stocks 3s and rebs. Currently debating myself who to drop using my waiver for kyle but I have a gut feeling he’s gonna be a strong hold.
  10. 12 team 9 cat h2h Using waiver #4 but unsure who to drop. PG: Ball, Dragic, Ish, Rjax(IR), Dunn SG/SF: KD, Covington, THJ, McCollum, Carrol, Hield PF/C: Turner(IR), Labissiere, Biyombo, Portis Portis - ROS trade upside Carrol - i like alot clean game with stocks Labissiere - ROS upside Hield - ROS upside WHIR!
  11. I own brook and carrol. I feel carrol is going to be strong rest of the way. The risk for Embiid is his health and If he’s healthy the rest of the way then its a clear win for you. I personally wouldn’t want the stress of the thought that he can get injured at anytime so I tend to stay safe. If you somehow own the handcuff to embiid it could mitigate the risk. Brook was fantastic last week but I’m not very happy with Luke’s rotation this season. I am actively shopping brook lopez as well. those 3s/Blks have been very nice thus far tho.
  12. I’ve been targetting Capela he’s solid for those stats you mentioned. I think he’s sitting top20 value right now in Yahoo leagues.
  13. Danny green for sure. I’m a Ball owner and he’s hurting my FG+FT but im holding because of elite assists and stls and off position rebound and block production.
  14. Y! Standard 9-Cat 12-team. Currently 1st by 1.5 games. Pg - Dragic, Ball, Collison, Rjax Sg - Cj McCollum, THJ, Barton(ww), Rivers(ww) SF - Durant, Carrol(ww) PF/C - M Turner, BroLo, JVal Great - 3s, Stls, blks, pts, ast Fair - rebs, TO Bad - FG (ball mostly), FT(ball, austin, barton) How do I improve my team? I really want a streamer spot but I feel like my guys are all rosterable. Maybe austin rivers but he’s gold for 3s/stls for me. Been trying to package a 2for1 but I don’t know who to target. Any input? WHIR.