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  1. I rather have him healthy and ready to go on a MvP run rather then rush back and get injured again. Trust the process
  2. Hopefully ricky explodes after...remember van fleet killed it the day after his child's birth
  3. Y'all starting him against ATL...I haven't had the guns to pull him from the bench
  4. David bertans....Richard haulmes....sigh
  5. He lost a call on another block too..good lord
  6. I know, really need to see few more games on what we have
  7. All I want for Christmas is for PG to start hitting his shots.
  8. They robbed him of a block btw.... what a beast. When I saw he posted his 6 steals in first game with no prep, I added him, even in my dynasty
  9. Doesn't Beal want to shed his injury prone label? I remember him saying he was committed to playing most of the season
  10. I benched him yday and surprisingly I went up in fg. Something is wrong on that team