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  1. Bodies start to drop, hit da floor, now they wanna kno me since im on top
  2. Went to a nets and spurs game recently, and as a joke cause i had no fantasy players playing i added derrick white..jus to make it fun...he dropped 19 pts with 3 blocks and 1 steal..AND hes still on my team, what a player. Cant beat percentages, stocks and now even assists!
  3. I take back what i said, im so happy i played him
  4. Been awesome lately but any1 starting him against LAL, on a b2b, for those who are FG conscious..
  5. Watch out this boi can play. So glad i didnt drop him
  6. Gonna decide to drop seth curry if he performs well today
  7. Is he historically better in the 2nd half?
  8. I picked up and I'm a beliber. Opportunity is there and Portland and him are hungry. Plus it's the first real team since rockets thats hes happy to compete with rather then to mentor children
  9. Someone dropped him on the wire tempted to pounce. Is he a usually a sub par ft shooter? U think he's motivated to switch around?
  10. Doesn't help because the highest value he has is right now. So tempted to trade for Richard haulmes jus because hawks not going anywhere the lingering heel issue My thing is, in fantasy, where's theres smoke theres usually fire.
  11. I would get Vuc, I'm ina similar boat but i got offered whiteside, what do u guys think