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  1. How does someone respond to well over double digit "WHIR" posts, and only get 2-3 responses from those people, time after time? Its unfortunate that there is so many selfish people here
  2. Id rather have kerryon unless you are STACKED at rb, and you're not
  3. I had a feeling this was a downgraded trade, I think your cutting the straw too short
  4. I dont like either. but I'll take rb depth over wr depth. So yes. Fair and acceptable
  5. Does he have a better reciever? I like the upgrade at rb, but I'd probably say no and not be happy about it
  6. Solid pickup! Good work! Plus extra roster spot!$
  7. It's more fair than the responses are leading you to believe
  8. Side A. Rodgers/Ty Hilton Side B. S.Shepherd, G.Tate, Tyrell Williams, Minshew Who won? 12 team. Roster without traded players. Qb. Brees, Wilson Rb. Zeke, Mixon, chris Thompson Wr. T.Hill, S.Diggs, A.Green Te. Dissly, Herndon
  9. Anyone who picks this guy up has an invite to my league next year
  10. Get someone other than hock if you already have Andrews. You're giving up a bit much and sacrificing. Robbing Peter to pay paul. If he cant find something reasonable, he's taking advantage of your te situation, and leaving you worse off