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  1. https://twitter.com/barstoolsports/status/1212235388179374080?s=20
  2. I got Kyrie, Ayton, Bagley, Blake Griffin crew checking in
  3. Dropping him for that serbian guy on the Kings. Pistons' season is over and he'll get random days off
  4. Did he even turn the ankle during his one game?
  5. Going into tonight. My Doyle vs his Kamara I lost by .4 points thanks to Doyle's a**
  6. I needed 5 points from Doyle. He got me 4
  7. All I need is 5 more points.. I'm going to lose aren't I?
  8. How has he gotten so many chances, but it seems like Justin Blackman only got a couple of chances?
  9. "If the league suspends Josh Gordon for the remainder of the season, we most likely won't see him again this year."
  10. I just got offered in my Points League Embiid / Lonzo Ball For B.Griffin / Kyrie Irving
  11. As afraid of him getting random days off....I just got offered Irving and Blake Griffin for my Embiid and Lonzo Ball in my points league
  12. Any chance Detroit goes after Drake? NVM lol. I see that's its already covered lol