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  1. haha Im legit already organising getting "COVID-19" engraved on our trophy as this years champ 🤣
  2. We started playoffs last week and are down to the final 4. We normally have prize money for Top 3, so I have told everyone the final 4 teams currently playing get the prize money evenly split amongst them. Personally I finished on top so was looking forward to champ playoff next week (assuming I got through this week) but this is the fairest and simplest way.
  3. NBA suspends the season....Spurs playoff streak is still alive!
  4. My playoffs start week 20. Dont think I'll see him again before my season is over. RIP
  5. Its ok my child, for the Lord forgives those who trespass against him
  6. hahaha Suns just doing Suns things Would be stupid to trade the kid.
  7. Look, I’ll take the 4 blocks and zero negative impact on my FT% 😁
  8. Current team is below. Need to drop someone to bring KAT back in off the IL. Fultz was the last streamer I grabbed a few weeks ago so he is first in the firing line but currently tossing up between him and Murray (who is showing glimpses of why I drafted him). WHIR so drop a link.
  9. Thats the kind of thing you should probably be stating before you start comparing rankings....as yes, that would give Vuc a huge boost against Dame haha
  10. Dude, sinus infections are ******, especially if you can't relieve the pressure. Though no longer listed as GTD on Yahoo so I assume he is playing?
  11. So glad I managed to pick Steph Curry up off the waivers
  12. The 3 steals last night turned what was looking like a 4-5 loss into a 5-4 win, so I'll take this dud from the Lord in stride.