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  1. so how do yall feel about him after a few games since his injury, hold or drop?
  2. beeeeeeeeeastmode, god bless you Isaac, one of the few bright spots on my team
  3. Someone dropped him in my league, gonna pick him up and hope to god Love/TT gets traded...had him last year when he exploded at this time of year then sold high, hoping for the same this year!
  4. you guys are hilarious, stop thinking with your fantasy brain, maybe, just maybeee he has an actual injury? jesus lol... how in the hell did you not accept ASAP, wow...
  5. at least he can rest all of his nagging injuries now and come back refreshed...
  6. i'd take OG or Barnes over him definitely
  7. well the owner in my league is going to drop him, trying to nab him by offering Bazemore but yeah, i think if he gets a big injury one more time its cut time definitely, but right now the upside is better than whatever is on the WW.
  8. Added him as a streamer for assists, might just keep him hmmm
  9. Hi, looking at my team (on my sig), would you burn a #1 waiver for Pat Bev (dropped because he suffered a concussion) or just wait until he clears waivers? Thanks...
  10. terrible trade, could be salvageable if Love gets hurt/shut down but nah, terrible...
  11. damn he was dropped in my league...but with his low game total this and next week not sure if its worth taking a flier tbh
  12. your team is so damn stacked that you can't go wrong with either, i haven't done research on Holmes but if his spot and mins are secure, pull the trigger.
  13. i'm not sure, how the hell was he even dropped tho?! Holmes is pretty damn good right now, i'm just worried about when Bagley comes back what's going to happen, will they be in a timeshare? i'd keep Oladipo but i'm a sucker for franchise players, you could go either way.