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  1. Im dropping him when something good comes available, hard to start a guy who gets hurt lining up. Let someone else deal with him. Not dropping straight out unless i see him on injury report.
  2. Never agin with him. The old me would have ran to the WW. Now i saw it, laughed and went back to work.
  3. I would go Cmac Dalvin Henry Barkley Zeke Chubb But being a huge Henry fan i would take him 2nd. [...]
  4. Is his backup worth having ? And who is it ? Believe both Davis and Reggie were active last week. After seeing what happened with Dalvin cook trying to back up my big guys.
  5. Yeah know its nothing but smart to have his backup i suppose. Want to grab correct one.
  6. So i see McCaffrey questionable with knee injury, coach says its nothing, sure it is but want to grab his backup for the heck of it.I have seen Reggie Bonnafon in at end of games and last week saw Scarlett the rookie finnishing game. Whos the backup. Or both would fill in for him?? Any info?
  7. My opinion, cant be any worse then Flacco who was awful. Just my opinion
  8. What about next week vs Xavier ? Isnt he a shut down. Assume he was on Galloway today so Det threw everything away to Marvin Jones? Or is Xavier not a shut down , stay away anymore ?
  9. Might be a great flex , bye week guy this week. Was CFLs best WR for what's thats worth . Would have been s 1st round WR in draft but he broke a teammates jaw and was shunned at draft, Ginslinger QB, opportuniyy , produced last game , great matchup and with brown nursing a groun injury path to more work. Could be next weeks waiver star. Or could bust .ya never know. John Brown (groin) was a limited participant in Wednesday's practice. Coach Sean McDermott didn't mention Brown would be limited when speaking to the media prior to practice, so it's possible their No. 1 wideout injured himself mid-session. Brown's participation the rest of the week will be telling. He's expected to start alongside Duke Williams and Cole Beasley if healthy.
  10. Sutton is ranked WR 8 in my league (.05 ppr) tied with julio after 5 weeks. Technical that makes him a WR 1. Im weak on WR but been a lifesaver for me Drafted as my wr5 in the 16th round as a flyer , been thrilled to start him .
  11. Question now is if you had Henry on your bench and you win. Do u start Henry now over your stars you have been starting ? .
  12. Problem is its a 4pm game. Unless u got someone better at 4 or Sunday Monday night can't wait until game time to see if hes starting. Rest of my guys at 1. Now if they announce hes out earlier then heck yeah.
  13. Anyone think they trade for a WR. D Thomas etc . ?
  14. Can go 2 ways with him. Ride the wave. Just play him while hes hot or sell high. I am debating what he can get me. I got Watson and Cam so can trade him . Just not sure u can get value for the #1 player in fantasy. Most will say hes ryan Fitzpatrick or hes gonna lose the start job.
  15. Game is on Sunday , going to be hard to start him as we may not even be sure hes playing . Unless you ofcourse have another option to put in.