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  1. Do you guys expect him to provide defensive stats once healthy? Not familiar with his game
  2. Why doesn’t this guy have “C” eligibility in yahoo?
  3. I've watched a few of his games. Hes actually looked pretty solid out there. Looks aggressive. I think you can def do worst at the end of your bench in a 12 man league.
  4. Poole looks like the pickup with curry news?
  5. Kanter is out Fri and Sat. TIME LORD TIME!!!!
  6. with the roster the way it is, bridges should get a ton of minutes. i can see him being one of those 1-1-1 guys with decent percentages. He shot pretty well as a rookie and that is usually a problem area for most rookies, plus a lot of his shots come in the paint. He's freakishly athletic so i think just the bump in minutes alone will help him a lot. there's just not much talent on that team...
  7. i actually think buddy still has more upside. He can potentially see an uptick in 3s and pts with Walton coaching. Sac is pretty deep but i think Buddy and Fox will get theirs and i think Bagley improving will help Buddy get more open 3s.
  8. watched the game last night... he literally just sits in the corner while kemba dribbles the air out of the ball.. its kind of sad to watch.
  9. this guy... so frustrating... has anyone seen any updates? is he shut down for the season? it makes no sense for Minny to bring him back at this point right?
  10. if he comes back to play...i think he will get mins. They have him locked in for a few more years so it would make sense..and its not like he will win them games, since they werent winning when he was healthy earlier in the year. haha
  11. ^ I just picked him up and dropped maxi. I think he'll have decent value in okc. I think what'll happen is PG and grant slide to the 2&3 and ferg loses some mins. Kieff takes all of patpats mins and gets run at the 4 and maybe a couple mins at the 5. They're not a deep team and his talent is good enough that they will find mins for him. Decent shooter for a big and can defend multiple positions. In real life basketball, I think he's a HUGE pickup for okc. Adds another guy with some grit, attitude and identity.
  12. primary backup to both drummond and griffin... prob just slightly more mins than he was getting in MWK i assume.
  13. Anyone watch Suns games? does Holmes ever get any run next to Ayton? or is he strickly Ayton's backup when Ayton is healthy?? Also would this change at all that Warren will be out for a few wks and open up more PF mins?