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  1. yes there is. he wasn't touched and should been tackled by the guy that caught up to him but he made a terrible attempt. Jones is as bad as Fournette. Otherwise Jones would be getting more touches.
  2. You think that makes him good? He was literally gifted a free 98 yard run against one of the worst run defenses in the league. Instead of 1 game, i'll take literally every other game to determine his ability. Which is he has none.
  3. This is one of the worst healthy backfields in the league. Both these guys stink and probably don’t deserve starting roles anywhere.
  4. I just disagree with your use of generational. It implies once in a generation. That’s reserved for guys like Rice, Moss, Calvin Johnson. I’d draw the line at Kupp being a great WR
  5. dude give it up. Kupp is good but he’s not a generational talent. You’re diluting the term
  6. These pansy DBs for LA have let 2 catches go in for touchdowns because of terrible tackling form/effort
  7. the problem is Rojo is the alternative. Bottom of the league 1, 2 punch at RB
  8. Why are professional defensive backs so bad at tackling?
  9. false, but you’re entitled to your incorrect opinion
  10. It’s well documented Lamar can throw. Such a tired argument
  11. figured what out? He could still run all over teams if he wanted. He’s just not for some reason