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  1. There are rumors that spurs might consider trade him this season since his performance so far is still decent and his contract will end next season making him a good piece to have on the contender teams.
  2. If he keeps improving his play making ability, he will be a triple double threat in the NBA with good efficient.
  3. pick him up asap if you have a streamer spot. like many said above zeller main issue is health. A big man who can shoot FT and 3s are rare, not to mention he can rebound and sometimes give u random stocks.
  4. speaking of the trade, someone in my league traded curry for kemba walker and porzigis.
  5. If you watch the game, you know how brutal it is for curry out there. Defense can be focus on Curry. Wars have 9 players under 23 and none of them are starters talents. Most of the plays they run are broken and most of the open shots generate from success play was bricks.
  6. If Dlo keep playing this way, both his rl and fantasy trade value may go as low as wiggins. Might as well do the swap both irl and fantasy.
  7. Pelicans is showcasing ingram for trades.
  8. Warriors will wish they still have Jerry West as advisor for the team soon.
  9. you guys need to keep ****ting on M.rob. I am waiting for impatient gms to drop him so i can pick him up from wire.
  10. Spurs won't play him big mins this early in the season, will slowly increase his mins and pace themselves to peak for playoff.
  11. I am more optimistic about his scoring since Jimmy bulter and JJ redick is gone, someone is gonna need to take those shots and 3s. i am expecting 14-15 pts per game.
  12. yup warren if stay healthy is basically a less rebs Tobias harris but you draft him 5 rounds later.
  13. blazer make some mid season trade and go on to win nba title this year.