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  1. I would rather have Jarrett Allen I think. ITs pretty close porter will improve but i think allen will as well and his ft% is probably gonna trend back up as well.
  2. Since you are in a 14 team league i would consider stashing but for a standard league i'd take a wait and see approach and stash in a couple of weeks. Denver is pretty stacked and will barton is out as well. Thomas upside is not as high because of low steals but he might be able to average 14-15ppg and 4-5 assists probably on subpar shooting and low steals but he will hit a lot of threes. So depending on who your dropping and if you have an IR I'd probably wait and have some immediate production in that roster spot.
  3. I think maybe someone like conley, Gary harris, aldridge some buy low players that should be surefire top 50 players should be within reach. Maybe someone will think they are buying low on myles turner?
  4. This is a steal IMO. Capela is great and teague is going to geet better with butler gone. Hayward is name value only at this point and favors is meh. Allen is good but hes not doing as well as a lot of people thought he would. Plus you get the best player in the trade probably the best 2 players in the trade.
  5. Id take it but you are in an 8 team league surely there must be good players on the wire. is it possible to trad 2 of your players for his capela?
  6. This is an exception where I would say getting the depth is better than the best player. Kemba side easily for me and it is fair because of hardens high value. Your getting three elite players in beal kemba and lavine for harden and throwins basically.
  7. Schroder is kind of fools gold and is great piece to trade imo. Harris is good and is a buy low but MIddleton is a top 25 player while harris will be close to top 50. Getting JV vs Howard is not close mainly because of efficiency issues on howards side. But howard does have more upside for counting stats. Plus you get the best player in the trade.
  8. not familiar with points league but i am assuming that in a points league griffin is money. This is close for me in a category league because i like bledsoes chances of getting better as the season goes on and Lou Will is obviously good but griffin is the best player and I like getting the best player in the trade. So id take Griffin here.
  9. Honestly like tobias more but if its better for your team Richardson could be better. Tobias efficiency is great whilee richardson will get you more categories overall.
  10. MY Vucevic, cauley-stein, Evan Fournier for Jrue Holiday and Deandre Ayton. Would like a streaming spot so looking for a 2 for 1 or 3 for 2 if this trade seems bad for me. Thanks WHIR
  11. Id take gobert i always like getting the best player in the deal.
  12. this i really close actually. i would keep wall side probably just because i like rolo. however lillard side is decent but brogdan just took a hit with bledsoe coming to town.
  13. Whiteside this is a good buy low imo. Whiteside just had a bad game and hes been hurt. Soon he will be beasting and derozan is overrated imo.
  14. Klay is worth more than that imo. Id stay