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  1. I'd go for Kirk off the wire; he's explosive with Kyler.
  2. I think Ridley is worth more than that, so no.
  3. If you don't need Green, Godwin is a slight upgrade from Fuller and even with AB looming, I'd do it.
  4. Now what if I include Hyde in this list too with Carson week to week?
  5. What's your RB depth? Cooks is likely a WR3 if you're ok with that; getting targets of late. Also, which WRs are on the wire? If you can afford to trade Montgomery, it's ok but not something I would jump at. Thanks for your help.
  6. Both tough matchups - I'd go with Robinson
  7. #2 for Mahomes. I think Rodgers has a tougher ROS schedule
  8. Gordon will become 1B once Lindsay clears concussion protocol. I'd do it
  9. 12 team .75 PPR, how would you rank these RBs ROS? Dobbins is available and I own the rest; would have to drop one for Dobbins. Dobbins Moss Lindsay Justin Jackson
  10. Allen and Brown. Brady likes to spread his targets somewhat and Fuller is an injury waiting to happen.
  11. I would want that. Claypool looks like he can be special. You can't count on Robinson keeping that lead RB role for the long term. Thanks for your help on mine.
  12. If you can trade RoJo for DK, I think that's a bargain.
  13. Your trade idea seems ok; worry about byes next week
  14. 12 team .75 PPR, I was offered Davante Adams/Mike Davis/Adrian Peterson for my Joe Mixon/Mike Evans. I don't like the offer (Davis has a 1 week shelf life and Peterson is nothing special). If I countered Adams with Kareem Hunt for Mixon/Evans, does this help me or it's not worth it? My RBs - Mixon, Drake, Edmonds, Lindsay, Justin Jackson, Moss (we start 2) My WRs - Ridley, Evans, Diontae Johnson, Gallup (we start 3)
  15. Taylor and Edmonds for CEH and Jonnu works, thanks for helping on mine