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  1. I would think he had a spot locked up regardless, but this further cements it. He's certainly someone to monitor as a dirt cheap post hype prospect.
  2. There will surely be some sort of simulated spring training for minor leaguers, its not like these guys are just sitting around doing nothing. I'd much rather save a year of service for a potential super star then getting him some extra reps in a lost season. Same thing here, you can easy build his arm strength in simulated games. Even better, you have full control and can limit the stress he takes to mitigate the risk of injury as much as possible. If I am the Blue Jays, there's no way I am using up a year of service just to build his strength up.
  3. I disagree. If you look at the comments made in media and by a lot of fans, its about how the millionaire players are selfish. I vehemently disagree with this, but it seems like the owners win this PR battle every time. Think of NFL players holding out, college players sitting out, home town discounts. Fans always get mad at the players that are held hostage by the billionaire owners. In very rare cases does the player get the benefit of the doubt.
  4. Playing devil's advocate, I could a see "all or nothing" service clock crush a lot of prospects. Why would the Rays play Wander at all, they'd be better served waiting until next year. Same with Nate Pearson (especially on a bad team). Maybe some prospects on good teams benefit (Dylan Carlson?) but I'd think it will end up hurting more than helping the game's top prospects. Basically all these guys you said above (except Luzardo, Puk, and Kieboom who were already projected to start) I'd be shocked if they started with the team, and with an all or nothing set up, each day that passes makes a call up less likely. The prospect issue continues to be one of the biggest questions I have about the 2020 season (if there is one).
  5. His strikeouts are up because he has changed his approach for more home runs. I think it'd been pretty successful and I'd expect similar strikeout / power numbers again this year.
  6. Is there any clarity on how prospects are treated? There are a ton of questions I still have and it has wide effects on fantasy this year. There's several scenarios, here's a few off top of my head related to higher profile prospects: Dylan Carlson - Was expected to be a call up in mid to late April, after Cards can guarantee service time but before Super Two. Will they be penalized if they start him immediately? Will it still be the same month of time we will need to wait? If so, losing a month when the season is 3 months is huge and really dings his value. On other hand, could be up at start as he's only playing 82 games, which would be a boon. Essentially a swing of a month of equivalent play in the balance. Nate Pearson - Was expected to be a Super Two call up in mid June. If season starts in July, could he just start with team and retain super two? If so, a boon for owners who spent a last round pick on him. But what if teams will have to wait month or two for Super Two like normal? Then he may only be playing the month of September and is a waste. Again, huge shift in value here. Wander Franco - Was expected to maybe have a chance at September call up. If this is the same the value of one month of games is much more in a 3 month season. But in short season maybe players will accrue too much to even be September call ups.
  7. Sounds like 80 games, expanded rosters, and no minor leagues is the top scenario now. I still can;t figure out how to treat prospects. Guys like Nate Pearson, Dylan Carlson, etc. who were guaranteed call ups after Super Two. Is there a scenario where these guys are either held back to not accrue any service or brought up immediately? To me this is the biggest challenge because there are a handful of prospects that could go from last round fodder to mid round valu very easily just by having a guaranteed spot early on.
  8. Unemployment rate just tripled. The stock market is not a good indicator of the economy right now.
  9. Problem is majority of COVID carriers won't have a fever. So maybe you can isolate some people it seems like a huge effort and cost of money for something not very efficient.
  10. Wearing a mask is the same as wearing a seatbelt. May not effect you 99% of the time, but if no one wore a seatbelt we would have a driving pandemic.
  11. If we can re-open responsibly, i.e. anyone that can work remotely does, everyone wears masks and social distances, families limit necessary trips to one person, etc. there is a path to returning to semi-normal for a while until a vaccine or cure is made. Unfortunately, it seems that in places re-opening, people are completely ignoring the guidance. We've all seen the pictures of people at beaches, parks, and restaurants unmasked and in big groups. As long as this behavior continues then re-opening isn't safe.
  12. Possibility of added DH gives him some added PT chances? Only thing I can think of.
  13. This will be the one year MLB can get away with changing a ton of rules and the old school traditionalists won't complain. Some guys that will get a boost with a DH in NL: Mets: JD Davis / Dom Smith / Yoenis Cespedes (JD and Dom terrible fielders, Yoenis will need breaks for his legs) Braves: Austin Riley (probably goes from part time to majority time) Phillies: Andrew McCutchen / Roman Quinn (one more spot for playing time for Quinn, rest for McCutchen off injury) Marlins: Jon Berti (he's the top back up at every position, so naturally if anyone moves to DH he will be the top replacement. Would think Aguilar, Anderson, Cooper would spend a lot of time DHing). Nationsals: Ryan Zimmerman / Howie Kendrick ( Both could get more ABs against RHP with an extra spot) Diamondbacks: Jake Lamb / Christian Walker / Josh Rojas (alleviates some platoon concerns with Lamn and Walker, or maybe Rojas gets a real chance now) Cubs: Ian Happ (Almora at CF and Happ / Schwarber likely share DH duties) Reds: All the OFs now have an extra spot (Winker, Akiyama, Senzel, Aquino fighting for 3 spots instead of 2). Would think Aquino is the big winner Rockies: Sam Hilliard / Garrett Hampson (one extra spot for these guys) Dodgers: Gavin Lux / Max Muncy / Justin Turner (still a lot of uncertainty but I would think these guys would be prime benefactors. Chris Taylor and Kike Hernandez to a lesser extent. Dodgers will probably still rotate everyone) Brewers: Ryan Braun / Avisal Garcia / Justin Smoak (These three were slated to share 1 corner OF spot and 1B, now that the DH is open they can all play pretty much full time) Pirates: ??? Padres: All the OFs now have an extra spot. Myers, Pham on rest days, Cordero, Grishman, Naylor is a log jam. Lagares should make take some time at CF for defense. Giants: Wilmer Flores (Goes from part time to majority time I would think) Cardinals: Tommy Edman (Alleviates any concerns of Edman not getting full time PT)
  14. Could also attribute the warm weather and smaller parks as well. Its why if games are played in Arizona it will be a boost to a majority of hitters and knock on majority of pitchers.
  15. Would think its a little of both. He's missed a large chunk of time last year, then missed a large chunk of Spring Training. Definitely some re-injury risk.