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  1. Looks like he just popped his achilles. Not good. Not a doctor but you can see the calf / achilles literally pop as he went to cover first.
  2. Looked really good today. He's throwing a harder curve than he has in prior years and was consistently 95-93 with fastball. Threw a few good change ups and sliders too, both pitches that typically aren't his strengths. Only damage was a home run on what I thought was a pretty good pitch.
  3. Stuff was electric tonight, just lost a little command. Umpire was also refusing to call a low strike. ESPN had the strike box and the umpire missed several pitches. Probably wasn't going deep so this isn't the worst start for Opening Day.
  4. Honestly I wish some stadiums would get rid of the fake crowd noise. Would be nice to take in the raw sounds of the game. When will we ever have an opportunity to hear the real sounds like this again?
  5. Why would you draft Yu Darvish to bench him?
  6. Anyone have eyes on Kintzler, LeClerc, or Giles saves?
  7. His streak is actually crazier than that. It is 3 games: May 13, 2018 - June 20, 2018 - July 24, 2020.
  8. I agree but in a short season its tough. Francona seems committed to his 1-2-3. Its not something you drop the guy over but it hurts him somewhat.
  9. On the bench Opening Day with a LHP on the mound. Aledmys Diaz at DH (lol). Dusty Baker strikes again. Hopefully against RHP Tucker will play before Yordan is back.
  10. Batting 3rd against a LHP, good sign for what the Rays think of him.
  11. We'll see. I think he is much better than Mengden who is also coming off a major injury. If Bassitt gets off to a good start they shouldn't move him out of the rotation.
  12. He hasn't but all indications seem to be that its minor.
  13. If they play in Buffalo it would probably be a win for Gurriel Jr. (and other Blue Jays hitters). If they play at road stadiums its probably a mixed bag.