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  1. I like the Vikings this week. Dallas is awful. Idc if Dalton is back. He wasn't good by he got hurt. I see lots of sacks and a chance at some picks
  2. I am going AJ brown based on upside. They should still throw the ball a lot
  3. I am benching him. I would play Meyers and Jones as well. Both dudes are getting lots of targets
  4. If teddy plays, I am sitting woods. He has a horrible match up and has been getting less targets each week. If teddy is out, I would sit dj moore.
  5. This is tough. Its bernard or Meyers for me. Flip a coin. Both should get a ton of work. I really like Meyers. He gets basically majority of targets at this point.
  6. This is so hard haha def CEH bc who knows with thag back field. Probabaly Gibson or sanders. Gibson gets no 3rd down work and eagles said they are going to rotate more backs in so. I don't think you can go wrong here tho
  7. I am also going gio and ballage. Both should see close to 20 touches and goal line work
  8. I am going Herbert. Rodgers has a semi tough match up but he is Aaron Rodgers so haha still think Herbert will eat the Jets d
  9. I am going Crowder. Whenever he plays, besides the Pats game, he has had a ton of targets. Roll with him
  10. So I like the Vikings D this week. I really like Meyers. Dude is getting a lot of targets every week And this is is a toss up but ill go smith bc hr could see more targets
  11. I like Higgins. He is becoming the number 2 target
  12. Need some help in a few leagues. Getting closer to playoffs so can't afford to mess these up so thought I'd ask for some help!All PPR. Flex spot - Marvin Jones vs Panthers, Robert woods vs TB, Gio vs Washington, or Crowder vs Chargers? I am leaning Jones since no Golladay and Jones has been getting a ton of targets but tough! I could start Gio over hunt but leaning Hunt. Flex spot- jacoby Meyers vs Texans or Mike Davis vs Lions? I know the lions run D is awful but Mike Davis has been pretty bad the past month and Meyers is getting a ton of targets Flex spot - Meyers vs Texans, Gio vs Washington, or Dj chark vs Steelers?