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  1. If the waiver period is one day and I drop a player at 6 p.m. Friday, when is he available?
  2. Choices are like Robert Foster, Robby Anderson, ARob, Curtis Samuel, Jordy, the Broncos
  3. Concerned that Watson won't have to do much to win this game. Texans D will probably get a touchdown and they'll get another on the ground. Also, looks like chance of rain there. Thinking Dak in the dome in a higher scoring game could be safer.
  4. Factoring in a D/ST touchdown for the Ravens
  5. I can see the points coming in garbage time with a cheap drive and TD. Not much before then.
  6. Are we trusting him next week @BAL or running to the waiver wire?
  7. I made just a few little missteps on free-agent Wednesday this week and, long story short, he's the only QB on my roster right now heading into the playoffs, and the streamer options are suddenly not great ...
  8. In a 10-team league...need to pick up a kicker Lindsay Cobb Enunwa Crowell Rest of team: QB: Wilson WR: Hopkins, Evans (why do I have so few WRs?) RB: Fournette, AP, Miller, Breida, Ingram, Michel
  9. Browns + sloppy weather in Chicago. Do the Bears have any pass rush?
  10. 10-Team: QB: Keenum RB: Gurley RB: Elliott WR: Julio WR: Hopkins TE: Gronk Flex: Kamara K: Prater D: Jags
  11. If Deshaun Watson is ready to go, I don't think he lasts past the second round.