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  1. 4th rounder and WR4 are two different things.
  2. Also, next year's draft class doesn't appear to be as strong as this years, so the value of those later round picks won't be as high.
  3. Guy is almost as annoying as the real Paul Wall. Brings back fond memories of playing DefJam Fight for NY on PS2 and spending entire evenings doing nothing but beating up Paul Wall. Good times...
  4. It came out that NE " had no interest" in Cam. Which was probably true, AT THAT TIME, since they couldn't bring him in for a medical. Would it surprise anyone if you read tomorrow that Cam signed a 2 or 3 year deal with NE ,after they can evaluate him? It makes too much sense, with the loss of Brady, Stidham being an unknown, plus when you factor in Cams playstyle and what NE seems to want to do offensively. Just my 2 cents but I see it happening.
  5. My theory is that he hasn't signed because teams haven't been able to give him a physical. My money is still on New England once that happens.
  6. Its so edgy to say a guy with 15,000 rushing yards isn't a HOFer. Skip Bayless would be proud.
  7. Now that Dalton signed with Dallas, Cam Newton appears to be the only free agent QB that worries me as far signing and coming in and taking Minshews starting gig. Right? Is there anyone else ? Buckle up and let's see what Uncle Rico can do!
  8. I realize he isn't right now. As jacked as he is, with his fairly decent contact skills and ability to hit the ball hard, you don't think with the proper launch angle , he could hit 40 HR in ,say, 550-600 PA?
  9. I'm with you guys on liking Lowes potential but it just feels like TB is going to keep him buried-they sign SO MANY 1B/DH types! If he isn't going to be a full(ish) time starter for another 2-3 seasons, then I don't know if hes worth the roster spot. I like guys like Diaz,Anderson, and Tsutsugo for the multi position eligibility. Leaning toward Yandy, because I think out of all these guys ,his ceiling is highest if he puts it all together this year. If he improves his launch angle , with those guns , he could be a 40 hr guy in a full season of AB.
  10. H2H scoring, I need to pick from these guys! Who are your top 3 choices? Justin Smoak Nate Lowe Jesus Aguilar Yandy Diaz Brian Anderson Yoshi Tsutsugo Daniel Murphy
  11. Don Mattingly Derek Jeter Mariano Rivera Alfonso Soriano Mayne not the "best" players ,but my personal favorites.