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  1. Hold up... the guy who couldn't win a ring until he had Mahomes, who is on another planet? I could've coached that team to the chip. Get real. Andy Reid was not anywhere close to being the reason they won lmao And I have never been an advocate for Pederson, so don't call him MY coach.
  2. As an Eagle fan, we have 99 problems but I'm glad Andy Reid ain't one
  3. Tua hasn't been tackled since college? is that the argument? I mean, im sure he hasn't forgotten what being tackled is like. And if you're worried about him getting injured or reinjured....guess what? If he does , Fitzmagic is back in to lock on Parker some more. Strong hold, IMO.
  4. Who are some players , maybe rookies or just young guys, that werent getting much attention at the start of the season but really improved their stock with their play in the bubble? I play in several deep 20 team dynasty leagues and always looking for under the radar guys.
  5. ahhh makes sense. thanks for the reply. is he drop city now in dynasty or are people holding for now?
  6. Why have they not placed him on the IL yet?
  7. Is this guy gonna play CF in the majors or will he be moved to RF possibly?
  8. That is the EXACT time you want to be rostering him.
  9. Good question. Shoulder injury plus a lost year or more of development. Feels bad.
  10. No mentions of Lewin Diaz. Well. Lewin Diaz .
  11. FAAB Five Freddy Five, as in the number of times he gets added/dropped per month.