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  1. Well I think the idea is he’s going to get more comfortable out there throwing to Kamara and Thomas and the TD’s will happen. Regardless, he’s 10% higher completion rate for the year than Winston has ever thrown for in his career, and he runs. So ya, he’s out there until Brees is perfectly ready.
  2. Sanders is the far more talented player. It’s not even debatable. Buuuut he’s not coming out their with fire and passion and it’s very concerning. He looked like a zombie going through the motions that last game.
  3. Or just throwing short to Sanders would not only just get the ball moving forward but give Wentz some confidence on completions. He's throwing 20+ long throws nearly every play. I've never seen worse undiverse play calling in ages. Even the Jets run the ball.
  4. The one positive for Ertz roy potential here is Wentz looks completely and utterly lost without him. He’s like a different QB human out there when Ertz is on the field catching passes. So I fully expect him back this week and catching once again.
  5. Maybe Weeks 15, 16, and 17 but the 49ers need to win maybe both the next 2 games for that to happen. I look forward to cheering on the 49ers the next 2 weeks. Haha
  6. If a player is doing really well and there's a couple people crapping on it every thread. Just know they had a chance to take that guy off waivers or in a trade and didn't do it. And they come here for cry time each week.
  7. Well to be fair, he never even had a decent game with Brees this season. Shrug
  8. Unless there is a major error, stats says Sanders was targeted 3 times and caught 2. I saw 1 bad drop but not any others. The craziest part is Wentz has become an indecisive statue back there which means he should be looking to checkdown often. He NEVER checks down. He either throws the ball up for grabs or takes a sack. It's unbelievable.
  9. Well to be fair, Sanders up to that point had the worst running back day of the year.
  10. Either Pederson or Wentz is in love with Scott, because he's playing half the snaps. Not sure I can play Sanders again. This ruined me.
  11. Sooooo many excuses by these announcers for Wentz. It’s everybody’s else’s fault and not Wentz. Lmfao
  12. Sanders just isn’t the guy any longer. Wow, this is the biggest bust rb game of the year.
  13. Wentz “could” have thrown it to Sanders standing wide open for the first down, but NOPE! ‘I’m goin for the BIG yardage!’ This guy is a moron.