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  1. 49ers have 24 points and Kittle has 1 catch!? WTF
  2. Any Ertz sighting? FML Edit: I just needed to wait 5 seconds! lol
  3. But they said that about him 5 years ago. Regardless, I'd love to see my Colts get Brady for those 3 years, draft a qb this or next year and let him learn. Brissett is just not an NFL caliber qb. Astroturf + Nelson + Costonzo + 2 tight ends that can catch + Hilton....It would be fun watching them crush the Patriots with some drafted qb or Andy Dalton/Mariota lol
  4. You mean Tony Romo, who repeatedly said at the end of the game that he watched him all season and said he is no way near done and had absolutely no help this season?
  5. Coming from the guy that formulated 'this guy right here'.... Taking Gordon out of this offense mutilated them. No longer could they keep corners or safeties honest deep. It also forced them to go out and bring in superstar Mohammad Sanu who had been making a career of catching 4 passes a game for 30 yards for the past 5 years.
  6. Hmm, Brady was 7th in passing yards with a clown show of receivers, and had the 7th fewest int's of those with over 300 completions. His completion percentage and rating were down, but what is he supposed to do throwing to bust Dorsett, Ben Watson, career journeyman 3rd receiver Sanu, and probable bust Karry who didn't even play a game until 10 weeks in?
  7. Ya, I guess the Patriots knew that Ben Roth would go down for the season mid game and Darnold would get mono. Well done Patriots.
  8. The guy that killed the Pats season more than anyone else though, is Josh Gordon's drug dealer. The offense was humming along until Gordon couldn't lay off the drugs once again. Gordon wrecked this offense.
  9. Sanu, Ben Watson, Phillip Dorsett, Karry (who might be a bust pick). That's just dreadful. I don't think there is a worse list of receiving weapons in the NFL.
  10. 2nd half of the year is not a full season. I mean maybe we should just judge players on their last game of the season from now on then
  11. There's 32 starting QB's. In what stat is he 17 or below to make him 'below average'?
  12. Brady was 7th in passing yards and only 8 Int's with possibly the worst receiving weapons in the NFL. I don't know about all that nonsense.
  13. Ya, the run game is atrocious as well. What happened to Sony Michel? That dude went to turd sauce fast.
  14. Patriots looked awful at the weapons spots. Even Edelman dropping passes now. And after him, it's a bunch of crap. They put too much on Brady to do it all this season.