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  1. I just want to know when millionaire cornerbacks started robbing from people 10 times less rich as them? Deandre Baker's four-year contract is worth $10.52 million with just over $9 million guaranteed, including a $5.675 million signing bonus. Has the coronavirus lockdown been that difficult for them? It's been 2 months!
  2. I'm also reacting off of a poll that said MLB fans would NOT attend games at a 77% clip until an official vaccine was released (the earliest reported now would be at the end of the year). So will the games be attendance-less for the entire season? [...]
  3. So they are discussing bringing baseball back in June/July, with coronavirus death rates per day actually increasing in the USA ( still and not decreasing!? Sounds really caring for human beings over sports lol
  4. The Favre situation is a bit different though. Favre was threatening to retire every single season ad nauseaum, holding the team at back on what they needed to do each season, build for him or rebuild. As well, that was 20 years ago, before insane nutrition, better training techniques, and new QB rules allowed QB's to play at a high level into even the mid 40's now. Rodgers is only 36, with easily 4 years left of what you would think is prime football still left. Assessing all of that, and this is just completely asinine of a move. There must have been a major falling out between Rodgers and the Coach or GM or both. That's the only thing that could have caused such an insane draft choice here. I also think this is his last season in Green Bay.
  5. Well for starters, there's talk of the MLB increasing rosters to accommodate for a shortened season. If that occurs, prospects that wouldn't have made teams will now make teams, rendering FAAB, trades for prospects that happened prior a nightmare. As well, we cut down rosters way before all this occurred and teams dropped guys that they wouldn't have with this shortened season format. Do we go back and redo the roster stuff? It's the keeper league portion and not it being NL only that creates a whirlwind of headaches. We also do a live auction and it's just sooo much easier (and 10 times faster) to do a quick pickem online for a season. Regardless, as I mentioned in the other thread, in light of the new news of 100's returning that had been released from hospitals as negative, and now are positive again, I just can't see baseball happening this year. Not trying to be a debby downer, but logistically and consciously, I don't see how it can happen in the time frame with that kind of new news.
  6. Ya, I honestly don't think we are seeing baseball this year. 1. A poll showed that no way in hell are fans going to any sporting event until a vaccine is released at 70%+. 2. The earliest a vaccine is hitting the market at all is in September. 3. People who showed they were negative from Coronavirus before are now returning to hospitals positive again <----This is a true disaster. I think most sports are finished in 2020 very sadly (maybe just maybe football can start on a solution now and get started at some point late in the year. No NFL and it will be a country wide depression).
  7. We are an NL only keeper league. We will go to a separate online NL and AL league start from scratch league this season and see if we want to return to the other next year. It would be a logistical and statistical disaster at this point to try and keep it NL only.
  8. You have a small window of using your sports fame to get the hottest woman possible pregnant with your seed. You use it. Athletes marry pretty young, because it's the height of their celebrity and they can focus on their game. Plus, being isolated for months, there isn't much else to do and you have a ridiculously hot chick sleeping next to you haha
  9. My biggest issue right now for this ending any time soon, is the people that had been sent home being negative and now are returning a month later positive again. This is a VERY strange virus. 100+ in South Korea just yesterday that were sent home negative weeks before are now positive again. I'm concerned.
  10. No matter what they decide to do, it's going to be banana cakes. I actually look forward to it honestly. Our league welcomes the AL and NL combining for a shortened season. We've always met for an auction for 30 years, but we'll switch to an online version this year of course. Quite excited and hopeful for it happening still.
  11. 49ers have 24 points and Kittle has 1 catch!? WTF
  12. Any Ertz sighting? FML Edit: I just needed to wait 5 seconds! lol
  13. But they said that about him 5 years ago. Regardless, I'd love to see my Colts get Brady for those 3 years, draft a qb this or next year and let him learn. Brissett is just not an NFL caliber qb. Astroturf + Nelson + Costonzo + 2 tight ends that can catch + Hilton....It would be fun watching them crush the Patriots with some drafted qb or Andy Dalton/Mariota lol
  14. You mean Tony Romo, who repeatedly said at the end of the game that he watched him all season and said he is no way near done and had absolutely no help this season?
  15. Coming from the guy that formulated 'this guy right here'.... Taking Gordon out of this offense mutilated them. No longer could they keep corners or safeties honest deep. It also forced them to go out and bring in superstar Mohammad Sanu who had been making a career of catching 4 passes a game for 30 yards for the past 5 years.