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  1. As a long time Celtic fan, I respected Kobe as much as any Celtic great. Absolutely devastated at the news. I wish his family nothing but the best. 😭
  2. He actually went undrafted and everyone is on waivers right now until tonight. I drafted Sat. night and have #2 waiver. It's a tough call...
  3. Great response, I pretty much feel the same but looking for some reassurance. ty sir. I responded to seven others, still open to more responses.
  4. Seems fine to me man, Gordon was killing it hard before his injury and it's just his hand. He'll stay in shape and come back in 4 weeks and be fine. JJ has been good lately. Aldridge is 34 and susceptible to getting Popped at the end of the season. Plus his blocks will prob regress to the norm and his ranking will come down a bit. Doesn't seem vetoable to me.
  5. Yeah, that's too much, especially with AD's injury history/Lakers record. Drop one guy and yeah.
  6. Murray, Howard. It's just like my opinion, man.
  7. Seems like a side-grade but like someone said you can prob move Rozier for someone better than Fournier. I naturally lean towards Fournier though.
  8. Yep would definitely do that. Why can't I get these offers??
  9. Yep Butler Jokic side. I could see Davis sitting at the end of the season because of Lakers record.
  10. I'd 100% keep Ayton. His value will be so much higher than Lowry and it's not close. You can move him later if you want to upgrade to stack your strengths more.
  11. So this is a rotisserie, normal 9 cat, Plus double doubles, and AST/TO cats, so 11 cat. 10 teams, 15 man roster. It's non FAAB and I have #2 waiver. Should I drop Oladipo for Richaun Holmes and use #2 waiver? My team is stacked and I could go safe and take Holmes. No standings yet as it was a late draft (scoring starts today) Team: B. Simmons Adebayo Tobias Hield Kawhi Montrezl Aldridge Ayton J. Murray Horford Covington Love Conley Lowry Oladipo Considering I already have Ayton missing another 10 games, Lowry out another week and Oladipo a wildcard who could or could not be a problem moving forward, Holmes could be a good add. No IR slots btw. Thanks dudes.