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  1. Yea, probably for Huerter or stay put. Help?
  2. Thanks. Hoping for a couple more replies
  3. If this wasn't dynasty it would be a no brainer. You have to decide if you can sacrifice some future to win now. If this doesn't put you as a clear cut favorite I wouldn't do it. Help?
  4. It's not bad. Embiid has the higher ceiling. Base it on your needs, but I'd probably take Embiid over Butler. Help with mine?
  5. Im considering this offer. Given Favors sample size with Williamson I think T Bryant has a higher ceiling. Thoughts? Whir
  6. If it's not dynasty. PG and Adams is the better combo. (Thanks for help on mine)
  7. Im going with Sweet Lou. Kawhi load management plus Bulls stink and the possibility of turning the team over to Coby are all factors. Help?
  8. Holmes was called a league winning pick up a few weeks ago. Help?
  9. ONLY if you think Bulls coach is gonna get fired. Otherwise this is not the same Carter as last year... Help?
  10. Guys, I was offered J-Rich for my Fultz I may accept, but there is also the following on free agent market: Huerter Pascal Garland Otto Porter Note: Position doesn't matter, I'm well set at each so looking for best available...thoughts?
  11. Culver is the guy I want to figure out how to put on my team....maybe I should be replacing with Shamet instead of Anunoby?
  12. Markennen the safer bet Bagley a higher risk, but possibly higher reward too
  13. Who do you think you'd rather have? WHIR
  14. It's not a bad thought but CP3 hasn't played a full season in way too many years. If I were honest I think WCJ & Isaac will probably out perform everyone on my "Fringe" list. Let's not forget basketball is a young man's game.
  15. I just found out I will receive this years #1 pick...meaning my top 6 for next year may be set. Paul never plays a full season which scares me and Murray was a little underwhelming for me....might lean toward Isaac to at least get his SF. It's definitely an enviable situation I'm in, but no less tough to decide.
  16. You did very,. very well. Your team is more balanced with the possibility of doing much better without giving up any potential - I don't think you could've asked for a better deal... Help?
  17. I kinda like the Kemba/Ayton side better as well... help?
  18. Crap - you really can use a stud G... If you believe in Ayton go for it. I hate letting go of a sure fire stud in KAT, but the potential exists that you are replacing him in this same deal. Tough call though. If you can add a great Guard another way I might hang on to Kat... Sorry it's not difinittive, but it's a close one. Help?
  19. Yeah man - easy choice PG for Prez Help wit mine?
  20. I kinda like Robinson, he's not even a sleeper pick, ranked super high. Secret's out on him. Help?