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  1. At this rate Lamar might not play much after half time. Let alone the 4th quarter.
  2. Huge bust and I picked him at 1. Still in the playoffs thanks to Lamar. Big decision whether to actually start him next week as crazy as it sounds. He's only had two big games all season. Weeks 2 and 8. The temptation is it's the Dolphins.
  3. Thing about Evans is as well is he hardly ever misses games due to injury. He's very durable so this hamstring injury is very much the exception with him. Just bad timing.
  4. The dude is WR5 or so. A hamstring injury is not going to affect how high he goes next season. What might affect it more is the QB situation. Will Winston still be there throwing the ball a ton? As much as Winston turns the ball over he's also fantasy gold for his WR's under Arians system. Evans had some quieter games when Godwin was the main focus but he also had about 3 or 4 monster games where he won you the week almost single handed and was probably on his way to another monster game this weekend until he injured his hamstring. If you drafted him end of the 2nd or beginning of the 3rd round I think you got what you wanted out of him apart from the unfortunately timed hamstring injury.
  5. Evans already ruled out for the game and probably season.
  6. Evans TD and he's just done his hamstring in the process!!!
  7. Definitely not. He might well lose his job with the fantasy play offs around the corner. Sucks for owners including myself. Even it becoming a full blown RBBC is bad because Carson’s value is his volume.
  8. I will say that the Steelers DBs have been all over Kupp today like white on rice.
  9. One guy you wouldn’t expect to produce a goose egg this season is Cooper Kupp. I mean Woods and Everett had 14 catches between them.
  10. Goff making some throws now. To everyone apart from Cooper Kupp.
  11. Rams are a shambles. Bortles in and then the punter throws a pick. Actually shocked it’s still only a 7 point game. Rams have been a train wreck.
  12. Goff just has no time to set his feet and throw. Steelers in the backfield on almost every snap. Rams o line is bad. Real bad.
  13. Would not be shocked if the Giants shut him down for the year.