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  1. so it seems pretty 50/50. Anyone willing to give more insight?
  2. Doncic/JJJ is the better side. Also not a vetoable trade imo. Capela has been beasting, but not as good as them 2. But again, not vetoable IMO.
  3. I like Simmons side.
  4. Someone in my league wants my Jimmy Butler. He offered Rudy Gay and Galinari. I want to throw in 2 of the 4 (Eric Gordon, Dennis Schroder, Fred VanVleet, and Jordan Clarkson) and get either Bledsoe or Kevin Love. I want Kevin Love because Im losing in rebounds, but im barely in top 6 atm, so I dont think I can lose to miss more games from him. So my offer was: Jimmy Butler, Dennis Schroder, and Vanvleet for his Bledsoe, Gay, and Galinari. I have a PUNT assist build. I know bledsoe gives 5 assists, but he helps with reb, fg, and some steals that I will lose a lot with Butler. Currently, my team is lacking in points, rebounds, and steals. Fair trade?
  5. This is tough for me. As of right now its gasol no question. HOWEVER, towards the ends of the season/playoffs, Horford and Noah might be more beneficial. Plus if the Grizzlies continue to lose, I can see JJJ and others taking over possession towards the end of the season. With that said, Im not a HUGE fan of Noah Vonleh, so Im picking Gasol over Horford by a hair.
  6. Yeah I was leaning towards him as well. I love his steals tho, but thats about all he gives me. Either him or Vanvleet.
  7. Who to drop from these guys for Kelly Oubre? Punt assist build 9cat Fred Van Vleet Dennis Schroder Eric Gordon Dennis Smith Jr WHIR 100%
  8. Im in 6th place, so just barely gliding playoffs. I started a punt assist from the begining, and noticed my reb/steals are on and off depending on the weeks. I guess in this case I should try to package schroder and eric gordon/jordan clarkson for another guard or big who can get me some rebounds? Any recommendations to who I should try to get? Marvin Bagley is available, should I scoop him up? if so, whos the drop? Appreciate your feedback.
  9. My current team: 12 team h2h 9cat Dennis Schroder, Fred Van Vleet Eric Gordon, DSJ, Jordan Clarkson, KD, Jimmy Butler, Gary Harris RoCo, Jerami Grant Clint Capela, javale mcgee, Brook Lopez Someone offered me Danilo Galinari and Rudy Gay for my Jimmy Butler. However, I want to counter and add in 2 of my guards for 3 of his players. I'm thinking of Jimmy Butler, Fred Van Vleet, and either Eric Gordon or Dennis Schroder. My Jimmy Butler, Fred Van Vleet, Eric Gordon/Dennis Schroder for his Danilo Galinari, Rudy Gay, and Eric Bledsoe. Jimmy helps me in steals, so int his case I might have to do punt Steals/Assist build. OR should I just try to trade one of my guards for a big man to help in rebounds? WHIR
  10. Drops: bam adebayo, rodny mcgruder, and jae crowder are my 3 drops. 9 cat h2h 12 team, trying a punt assist team. Drop all 3 for either of these guys? E. Okobo E. Moore Tristan Thompson Josh Jackson Kevin Knox Jerami Grant N Bjelica WHIR
  11. I doubt the owner will take Wiggins lol. If you can, definitely do it. I predict JJJ to turn it up further post asb. If he can average around 15pts 6 reb, with his consistent stocks (could be close to 4 stocks PER GAME - insane), along with his good efficiency and a 3pt shot, this kids the steal of the draft no question.
  12. If you're punting FG, TO, and potentially rebounds, then yeah Kemba obviously. But just in general, Simmons > Kemba. Once we hit Post ASB, I truly believe Simmons will average around 20-10-10 with elite defense/efficiency. Simmons is a top 5 in a punt ft build atm. But for your punting cats, Id pick Kemba SLIGHTLY.
  13. You murdered him on that trade. JJJ will bring you home this season.
  14. depends on team build, but id hold tbh. McGee and Whiteside are the 2 biggest steals of the draft this year.