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  1. I imagined he fell straight on his knee to the hardwood, the actual video didn't seem nearly as bad.
  2. Does anyone have a video of the injury. I never ended up seeing it, searches kept bringing up March 2019.
  3. What's up with Clint. 2 points and 2 boards in 7 minutes.
  4. I have KAT (activated him after the 2 games) Don't have Gasol. Before Embiid fight, KAT looked poised to go for MVP. After, not so much. "Are you serious? Kat had 27 points his first game back in 28 minutes" I mentioned that he was continuing to play like he did after the Embiid thing (Before that was too small of a sample size, I know) Inefficient fg% for a big. Didn't shoot well from 3, 5 rebounds (for a big) No stocks. I'm glad you found it hilarious. I didn't want to dig through all the players who were injured and what they did in the first couple games (would have been easier to do that 20-30 years ago)
  5. Marc Gasol is turning 35 this month and had 2 better games in his return, after being out for a month.
  6. huerter, capela, whiteside combined to score 16. Opponent has a 2 point lead in points and leads FTM 105-104 now with one player tomorrow, I got nobody playing SMH Thanks gallinari for a random rest game too..
  7. Vanvleet first game back from hamstring injury, scores 29 with 7 made 3's. Too many excuses for KAT.
  8. https://giphy.com/gifs/concert-piano-broken-TnuhPbxLxUudO
  9. I'm playing in yahoo h2h with fg and 3pt %, and only ftm.
  10. Beal is so sh*t wow Towns is back after his long a** break, to kill %'s again (like he did after the Embiid scuffle) Who tf would have thought that Wiggins would frequently shoot higher %' s than Towns. Never had a worst 1st and 2nd pick.
  11. a single stock in the last 3 games combined.
  12. This pathetic bum has joined the DND list.