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  1. hopefully he plays this week. or before christmas
  2. well i just hope you could get more value for jrue. but i can say lonzo might get some minutes. well efficiency is the main issue of holiday. hopefully he reach a 40% fg and less to. he will turn it around.
  3. Well on the 12team 9 cat. it depends what you can get on the waiver wire. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/787956-trade-jabari-parker-julius-randle-marc-gasol-for-kendrick-nunn-al-horford-davis-bertans/
  4. well i would not get lowry honestly and jrue. lowry may be load managed and lonzo will return
  5. this is vetoable. not even close. veto is used to prevent getting stronger too much without giving up a few stats. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/787956-trade-jabari-parker-julius-randle-marc-gasol-for-kendrick-nunn-al-horford-davis-bertans/
  6. well since this a roto league. load management does not hurt a lot compared to head to head. and jrich stats is very low now.
  7. i would prefer kemba/ bryant. well kemba is a greater player than jrue. sabonis lacks defensive stats so dont get fooled with his points and rebs.
  8. well i would not get batum. he is fairly droppable and has low low end value. being in a 10 team league you should probably have better options now.
  9. would get mitchell and clarke. booker might get injured along the way. and clarke is an upgrade. i suggest do another trade.
  10. i want to know if you would drop ingles or get ingles? if dropping ingles i would get ross. well he consistently reach 20+ mins and not need to many minutes to be healthy.
  11. hi i would get the capela = jrue. well you arent great in fg anyway. so being good in steals and assists will help your team more. the least thing that i would trade is capela/ harrell for jrue lowry.