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  1. true, I think Mostert plays considering he practiced all week on a limited basis unless he had a flare up this morning when he wakes up. Im sure the athletic trainers have been keeping a close eye on him throughout the week
  2. just a heads up probable tag doesn't exist in the NFL anymore
  3. better than you...so stop the hate and appreciate!
  4. lol yea I have him outside the top 25...wanted to get a boost of confidence from someone in this thread but likely not happening lol
  5. Can we call him an RB2 play this week or at best a flex?
  6. where do you guys rank this dude for the week? top 10? top 20?
  7. you are judging him based on his height and weight...you have no evidence to back up your assumptions so please stop. Cohen is a beast so stop discrediting his success and capabilities to those attributes
  8. Damien will continue to lead this backfield...you all are overthinking it. better pass protection beats out everyone else
  9. Damien looks better than Shady and thats for sure..he will get more run in next couple of weeks I think! sounds like there are some people in here who still believe shady will take this backfield over lol
  10. ok saw something on twitter...must have been fake lol