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  1. Normally I'm the type to say stay patient, but feeling pretty confused about Spoelstra benching him. Gonna give it a couple more games but he's the first on the chopping block if some trades go down.
  2. lol @ everyone who shat on me on Jan 23 for point out he was playing better and saying I believed in him. Me & Rubz laughing all da way to the playoffs.
  3. why does this make me feel so weird
  4. Too close to call. I do think you'll have Vuc back and in form, so that helps. You're a little less top-heavy too, Jamal Murray and Tyler Johnson will be solid for you. I'd try to trade for guys with good playoff schedules, especially if you have a sense of what week you'd be facing him.
  5. If you feel your odds of making the playoffs are 60% or higher, I say definitely add him. I've withstood rostering much worse injured players and been grateful for doing so by the end of the season.
  6. I agree, J-Rich because he's the best player in the deal. Both sides are defensible for sure though.
  7. Klay is an elite fantasy asset, and Wiggins is barely rosterable. No offense, but if this is really a question for you, you're going to want to think about finding some tools that will help you begin to understand players' worth. It's annoying for everyone, including most importantly yourself, if you're relying on forums for questions like this that should be fairly obvious once you start feeling capable of doing a bit of research for yourself. basketballmonster.com is a great resource. Yahoo's player ranks are pretty good too as a starting point. You can also just compare their av
  8. get your own thread, dude. poor form. like everyone else, i approve of this trade. unless it's a keeper league.
  9. Hi fam, I'm in a 12-team standard 9-cat keeper league. We do auction drafts, and up to three players can be kept for $5 more than their cost at the previous year's draft. I am in 3rd, a game out from 1st. My Marc Gasol ($12) & Tim Hardaway ($12) for his Klay Thompson, Carmelo Anthony, Dennis Smith Jr ($20). The numbers in parantheses is what guys will be able to be kept for in the 2018 draft. As you can see, Hardaway is a nice keeper and Gasol is probably one of the best keepers in our league. DSJ is a nice keeper but not amazing at $20 (if y
  10. George Hill is a perfect guy to throw at Curry, and he shoots 45% from three. I don't see how anyone could say he doesn't move the needle for the Cavs.
  11. He's such a fantastic fit for the Cavs and will wind up playing 30+ minutes in the playoffs. Not so much in fantasy, though. Hard to see him doing better than 15-3-4 and a steal.
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