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  1. Reed home to Bills Hurst home to Saints(goose egg last time they played at Saints) Half point ppr
  2. Tua has an easier schedule than Wentz but health of Tua concerns me. Tough call but i would go with Tua. Wentz is one more bad game away from being benched
  3. If Hurst plays vs Raiders Do you like him more than Everett or Reed? If Hurst doesn't play, who do you like more-Reed or Everett?
  4. Because of injury , need to add on of these for this week. Playoff spot on the line. My partner and i dont agree. Solve this for us. Half point ppr -Malcom Brown at Tampa. Think he will get lots of 3rd down attempts as Rams should be playing behind - Willie Snead - playing Jaguars good matchup KJ Hamler home to Dolphins- getting lots of targets last 2 weeks. Who would you start?