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  1. Scott Miller home to Panthers Cam Akers at Eagles Courtland Sutton at Steelers Jalen Reagor home to Rams TreQuan Smith at Raiders
  2. 4 pts passing TD. -2 for imtereception. -1 for fumble. +1 for every 10 yards rushing Daniel Jones at Bears David Carr home to Saints Who would you start please ?
  3. Would anybody prefer going with the strategy of rb/rb and then qb instead of qb/rb/rb?
  4. 2 QB League Half point PPR 6pts rushing /receiving TD 4pts for passing TD If either Mahomes or Lamar Jackson are there at 6, would you take them over Kamara, Henry or Cook ? Obviously i would have to take a running back at 2 if i took a QB at 1 Your thoughts?
  5. In a half point ppr league, how would you rank these guys if they fell to me in the second round- Joe Mixon Josh Jacobs Aaron Jones Kenyan Drake
  6. Half point ppr/ 4 pt td pass Players going to be taken in front of me CM Barkley Mahomes L Jackson Zeke Choices are between Henry, Kamara and Cook. Henry doesn't catch the ball but he doesn't share carries and was a beast end of last year. Cook is injury prone and has contract issue. Kamara is coming off injury, sharing carries with Murray and Hill, Who would you take here?
  7. I trust Rivers more than the rest with best receivers
  8. Njoku at Cardinals Hollister at Panthers Ian Thomas home to Seahawks
  9. Eagles at Redskins Steelers home vs Bill's
  10. Hollister at Panthers Higbee at Cowboys Half point ppr
  11. Eagles - at Redskins Steelers- home to Bill's Chiefs- home to Broncos Who do you like best ?
  12. With the news that Theilen might play Monday , would you risk starting him over Shady ? WHIR
  13. Half point por Pick 1 McCoy home to Raiders Cooks at Cardinals Theilen at Seahawks
  14. Need to pick 1 running back for this week. Half point ppr -Demarco Murray at Cardinals -Matt Forte at Broncos -Peyton Barber home to Lions