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  1. gonna miss him 😥. definitely redrafting him next season
  2. i got Devonte so im deff starting him.. his last game against Utah on dec 21 posted 22 pts with 3 rbs, 4 ast , 5 3s and 4 turnovers. I got Levert too but dont see him getting more than 20 min as he's still knocking off the rust so i dont expect much from him against Mia tonight
  3. Last time i went on that ac form for any help was about 2 years ago..its pretty useless. people just quickly give u a half a** answer and hit you with the "can you answer mine".
  4. Yahoo just gave the INJ tag...great for a streaming spot tonight but i hope he returns tomorrow
  5. this dude is frustrating to own, i dont even know what to do with him.. anyone in 10-12 team leagues still holding ? my league has 13 streaming spots and 7 bench spots so the waivers are really dry. He's got the talent but i just dont see any positive signs in dallas. What do u guys think long term
  6. on fire tonight..can we get 8 blocks also ? i'll take back everything bad i said about him
  7. LOL i hear you. i went Ktowns turner 1-2. Im still holding out hope he turns it around
  8. God DAMN.. how is that squad even possible. let me guess LBJ is on your waivers
  9. He turned into a beech, thats what happened.
  10. wtf is this new "week to week" crap... whats next, month to month ?
  11. I mean we can get into the Luka's stats last year if you wanna get technical of why i passed on him..especially towards the end of the season with that crapy fg% and high to's he had.. i tried something different this year and so far im doing pretty good with jjj exception. Im sure we all got draft choices we regret