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  1. Go for it, I don't trust Beal not to get shut down and the bearded one is number 1 player
  2. Thank you all, unfortunately I think it got to his head that it's not a good trade for him so he is reconsidering 😕
  3. I mean he offered that trade to me, that's why I was sceptical Thanks
  4. If you are willing to take a gamble you could drop Grant as his role will be smaller once the injurd Nuggets return. But the thing is no one knows when they will return and I'm not very high on Ariza myslef so I would stay put for now
  5. Drop Nance for Napier if you are not starving for a centre, he should be quite bitter than Nance unless Love is traded
  6. It's a toss up between OG and Culver for me as well. Juste depends which stats are you after Also in certain punts Noel could also be dropped.
  7. Hello I'm playing in 12 team h2h classic 9 cats Yahoo, fighting for playoff spot and leading the number 1 team 9-0 so far this week :). My team is below: Guards: Lilard, Fox, Hield, Morant, Bledsoe, Satoransky, Huerter, Payton Forwards: Galinari, N. Powell Centers: Gobert, Collins, M. Robinson I have been offered Harden and Butler for my Lilard and Gobert. Am I overthinking it or is this a steal for me? I would be short on centres and lose blocks and rebounds but Harden is Harden. It should also be noted that I would lose 1 game in the playoffs (Utah has 12 games, Portland, Houston and Miami 11 in my playoff schedule). As always WHIR to all
  8. Honestly I would not do this trade but I may be a bit too high on Jokić. But all in all it seems a fair trade.
  9. honestly I would not do these trades. i think that the second is a bit better but still I don't think you'd get enough value either way.
  10. Huerter is the best of the 4 players IMO. has ok percentages, threes and assists. But if you don't add him, you should keep sexton, he is better thean Dunn and Hayes
  11. Drop Elf, who knows what will his role be on the Knicks and how will the timeshare with Frank and DSJ go. Teague has a safe role
  12. Sato if you want to sleep at night and Murray if you want to stress yourself I'd pick Sato right now
  13. Hello I'm playing in 12 team h2h classic 9 cats Yahoo, and my team is below: Guards: Lilard, Bledsoe, Satoransky, Nunn, Payton Forwards: Galinari, Prince, Bazemore, Hardaway jr. Centers: Gobert, Collins, M. Robinson IL: Fox, Morant I have to drop someone for Morant and I was thinking of scooping up Heurter as he should be better ROS than Payton, Baze and Hardaway jr, but I can't decide who 😕 As always, WHIR 100%
  14. Redick has some value when half of their squad is injured, when they come back he will won't get enough minutes to be rosterable (see when lonzo and hrat played). As for Kenrich I think he has an even worse outlook barring a longer injury spell on pelicans players.
  15. These all seem a bit odd, especially B and C, the second player in these two trades is clearly much better according to stats. But vetoing is a bit tricky and it all depends on the league. If veterans are doing that to rookies or a collusion between someone it should be vetoed. But if someone is doing the trade believing that player 1 will turn it around and player 2 will drop then I don't think that it should be vetoed...