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  1. I hope he can continue starting even when Brogdon is back.
  2. Scooped him up....hoping for the best. But he's been solid past few games with stocks.
  3. Streaming him, I hope he plays more next to LMA. Its a damn shame Derozan can't space the floor... him and LMA just provides 0 spacing for Poetl be able to get more minutes.
  4. Heating up again..? He should start over Robinson.. no?
  5. Yeah I just scooped. Fk it, sucks that they only play 2 games this week.
  6. I mean minutes are there and he got rebounds and 2 blks tonight.. that's great for end of the bench guy.
  7. Yeah I think the coaches love his activity on the defensive end. I guess we're all holding haha
  8. Yeah I scooped him up to stream as well.. really like how active he's been on the court. Sucks that he's behind Favors and Okafor though