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  1. Weed is definitely the best deterrent if the Cabin in the Woods is any indication.
  2. Rotoworld's favorite buzzword "per 36". Circumstance is everything, and Melton must have some nudes in order for the Rotoworld staff to keep felicitating to a player like this. Gary Trent Jr. is what this player should be. It's just like Kyle O'Quinn disease again, except for some reason the whole site has it.
  3. Beating a dead horse, or you know, a dead-mon
  4. Dedmon traded to Hawks! 😀 Capela went there also! 😠
  5. I mean he's really not wrong, but if they literally gut the roster and he gets 32+ minutes, he could be a forgotten pickup of the deadline.
  6. Clint Capela (right heel) is expected to play on Wednesday in Portland. Capela should see his usual minutes in his return from a one-game absence, so Isaiah Hartenstein is likely headed for a DNP-CD. It's good that Capela's back, but this heel issue is likely going to nag him the rest of the season. Thank ******** god. I don't think my team could take any more DTD injuries.
  7. You might be able to sell him for Kent Bazemore
  8. If anybody's of the same thought process, I'd say he has at most till the end of next week to see if he gets back the starting job. If not, name recognition or not he was simply not rosterable in 12 teams and below, and unless he had an epiphany that would help his shooting percentage, I wouldn't count on an improvement on the current team.
  9. Shame he can`t win stocks, rebounds, and assists, I had to drop him for the next LeBron on the waiver wire
  10. When this guy has 28/22 and no one is batting an eye you know it's good.
  11. Fizdale already out the door. Looks like Beilein might be next.
  12. That Mexican waitress must work for my opponent's fantasy team