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  1. I'm tellin' ya, if you got the wrong one of the two on a given night, it's usually going to be a bad night.
  2. Eh, I dropped to stash Gasol. He hasn't been good for me this week anyway.
  3. I doubt Ingram will lose shots, but I think you'll see his rebounds go down and possibly some of his other popcorn stats. I believe Ingram will end up being their scoring option. Zion will impact all areas as well and be the star, but they need someone like Ingram to shoot. I think this affects Lonzo's shots more than anyone else.
  4. You could drop Ish Smith, if that is your roster, for him. It depends on your roster in a 10 teamer, but for most he is a must in 10s as well.
  5. The guy is willing to give you Ingram and Booker for Hayward and Vuc? Ingram and Booker are both top 20 players this season. Hayward is barely top 60 and Vuc, who I love, is creeping into top 40. Take it and hope it doesn't get veto'd because it would in my league.
  6. It really does not matter at this point. You have to live with this trade. Harden just got traded in one of my leagues, but it cost the 2 first rounders. Even then, I still think the guy that got Harden may have won that trade.
  7. I am looking for a new owner. The current owner has activated players 4 times and needs to be replaced. I need someone who will change their lineups, answer trades, and be active in rebuilding or making a run with this team. This team is currently in 11th place. It is a 5 keeper league (you choose to keep 5 or less; if less, you move up in the draft). Here is the team: Best players: LBJ, Hield, Lowry, McCollum, LMA. If you're in, shoot me a message and I'll e-mail you today.
  8. Lol. I swear, it's PJ performs, dud from Bridges; Bridges performs, dud from PJ.
  9. Yeah, I'm in a couple of dynasty leagues. Trading for a a pick and a young prospect is worth it for me. Someone will bite. He's been a headache for me for two years.
  10. Naw, Ingles has ROS value honestly, and even if you could sell him, who for? He's ranked 64 for the season. If you can get a top-40, I'd do it, but who would buy him for that? MAYBE you could peel a top-70-80 player, but I doubt it.
  11. Thanks goodness for this performance. I can start dangling him in trade offers. He says he's playing the back-to-back this week too, lol.
  12. Yeah, while I've dealt with injuries from 30% of my roster, this dude has kept me competitive and allowed me to remain middle of the pack. Now, with Irving and Siakam back and Gasol returning soon, I'll be able to creep up the rankings. Absolutely steal in the draft for me.
  13. You in a 10-teamer? There is no one in any of my 12-teamer leagues worth picking up to replace Murray. Dude is ranked 80 over the season and 60 the past 30 days. The past two weeks have been rough for him, but he's clearly better than anything you'll find on the WW, unless you're in a 10T or less, even then it'd have to be an uncompetitive league.
  14. Yeah, with Siakam and Irving back now, I am going to have to drop at least 1 player and PJ may end up getting on the WW from me. I have Bridges too, which is what makes my decision interesting because both basically do the same thing (i.e. dud, amazing, dud, dud, dud, amazing, amazing, dud).
  15. Oof, I knew I should have traded him for a high pick in my dynasty early in the season.
  16. I like him honestly. Otto MAY be back in game shape by playoffs, but that leaves Sato open for a long period of time to keep doing what he is doing. Dunn is more of a specialist, in my opinion; Sato seems to be the guy to own in that backcourt. That's if they even give Otto an opportunity to play again this season.
  17. Yeah, I'm dropping him in my 12 teamer. I have too many injuries to continue to hold, especially with the new prognosis. I'm most likely picking up Rondo as well.
  18. Anyone fear how Ayton coming back affects him, or the fact that Mikal Bridges is back in the rotation?
  19. I'm glad we drafted a couple of weeks ago because I got him at 125. He's going to be good to this year.
  20. My league wasn't too high on him. I got him in the 9th round (pick 101), which was an absolute steal for me. I didn't need SG/SF, which is the only reason I didn't take him in the 7th/8th round, but I couldn't pass him up at 101.
  21. I did not specify a cost, so it's just a free league. Let me know if you're still interested and I'll send invites. Team 1 is taken.
  22. Hey everyone, I have a longstanding keeper league that is in need of 2 owners looking for a challenge. 5 Keepers are the maximum players that can be kept, but you do not have to keep 5 if you want to draft higher (I know a few are intentionally not keeping 5 to go after Zion and Ja). Here are the two teams available: Team 1 (Best players only): CJ McCollum, Paul George, Mike Conley, Klay Thompson, Danilo Gallinari Team 2 (Best players only): Damian Lillard, Kristaps Porzingis, Otto Porter Jr., Aaron Gordon, Kanter, Teague Please message me if you are interested. Draft is next Sunday.
  23. Looking for 4 new owners in a long-running keeper league. It is a H2H league, where 5 keepers can be kept. Keepers are replaced with higher round picks in the draft should you not desire to keep up to 5. Teams available are as follows (listing best players): Team 1 - John Wall, LeBron James, Khris Middleton, Clint Capela, Brandon Ingram, D'Angelo Russell, Jaylen Brown Team 2 - Kyle Lowry, Jimmy Butler, Karl-Anthony Towns, Kemba Walker, DeMarcus Cousins, Markelle Fultz, Harrison Barnes Team 3 - Damian Lillard, Kristaps Porzingis, Aaron Gordon, Andrew Wiggins, Otto Porter Jr., Josh Jackson Team 4 - Victor Oladipo, Draymond Green, Jeff Teague, Eric Bledsoe, Thad Young, Isaiah Thomas